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ABB launches an innovative all-in-one Electric Vehicle or EV charger. The charger is set to give the fastest charging experience ever.

ABB EV Charger

ABB's Terra 360 is an electric vehicle charger that can charge up to four electric vehicles at a time, at 15 minutes each. This is thanks to its dynamic power distribution, according to Reuters.

This means that EV drivers will no longer have to wait if someone else is already charging before them as it only takes a couple of minutes.

The drivers just need to pull up to another charging plug and connect it to their electric vehicle.

The new charger has an output of 360 kW, and it can charge any electric vehicle for up to 15 minutes, meeting the needs of numerous electric vehicle users, whether they are seeking fast charging or they want their battery charging while they step outside.

Frank Muehlon, the President of ABB's E-mobility Division, said that governments worldwide favor electric vehicles and charging networks because it is known to combat climate change.

Because of this, the demand for charging stations for EVs is very high, especially those that are fast, convenient, and easy to operate.

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Terra 360

ABB's Terra 360 has charging options that can fit different needs. It is the key to fulfill the demand and accelerate e-mobility adoption around the world, according to Engadget.

Theodor Swedjemark, the Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer at ABB, said they believe that the company is the global leader in electric vehicle fast charging. With the launch of Terra 360, the company is playing the main role in enabling a low-carbon community.

Swedjemark added that road transport accounts for almost a fifth of global C02 emissions, and e-mobility is important in order to achieve the climate goal. The company wants to set an example by changing its entire fleet of 10,000 vehicles to EVs.

Terra 360's Availability

Terra 360 will be available in Europe this year, and in the United States, Asia Pacific regions, and Latin America, it will be available in 2022, according to BusinessWire.

The charger is created with the customer's needs and expectations. Leveraging the experience gained by ABB e-mobility's massive installed base, the charger delivers both speed and convenience together with ease of use, comfort, and familiarity.

Terra 360's system guides customers throughout the charging process. It also shows the state and the time of charging before the end of the session.

The charger can also be accessed by differently-abled customers, and it features a massive cable management system that helps drivers plugin easily.

The charger also serves the needs of private EV drivers at fueling stations, retail locations, and convenience stores. Terra 360 chargers can also be placed on public premises to charge a fleet of electric vehicles.

The EV charger can give a quick refill to their electric vehicle in the day. Because Terra 360 has a small carbon footprint, it can be installed in several public places.

Terra 360 chargers are customizable. In order to personalize it, customers can use different foiling, or they can change the LED light strips to colors that they want.

As more and more people purchase electric vehicles, several areas in the United States are building charging stations. Michigan is the latest state to install EV charging stations.

Also, Google Maps has updated its site so EV owners know where the nearest charging station is when they are on the road.

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