Nikola to Build Hydrogen Fueling Stations Across North America and Explore Renewable Natural Gas
(Photo : Image from Nikola Website) Nikola to Build Hydrogen Fueling Stations Across North America and Explore Renewable Natural Gas

Nikola has just signed a deal to build hydrogen fueling stations all across North America. The company will also reportedly be exploring the use of renewable natural gas.

Nikola Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Opal Fuels

The official EV automaker Nikola has just signed a memorandum of understanding along with Opal Fuels in order to build as well as operate hydrogen fueling stations all across North America. Under the whole preliminary agreement, these two companies will reportedly work to help co-develop the technology that is necessary to help accelerate that adaptation of fuel-cell EVs.

They reportedly also plan to explore the use of renewable natural gas. At first, the company notes that they plan to focus technically on infrastructure for private shipping companies before even looking at whether it makes sense to make something much similar available to the general public.

Opal Built 350 Renewable Gas Stations

To date, Opal has reportedly built over 350 different renewable natural gas stations. According to the story by Engadget, the president of Nikola's energy and commercial operations, Pablo Koziner, gave a statement.

According to Pablo Koziner, it was noted that now marks yet another important step forward when it comes to Nikola's stated energy infrastructure plans. This also includes its focus to help provide hydrogen fueling services to its customers. There are discussions as of the moment that the future of EV batteries could be with an all-silicon anode that provides higher energy at cheaper costs.

Nikola and Opal Fuels

The announcement officially comes just a few months after federal prosecutors indict Nikola, founder as well as the former executive chairman known as Trevor Milton, of fraud. Among the other allegations, the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC reportedly accused Milton of falsely claiming the company was actually producing hydrogen at four times less compared to the market rate.

According to Nikola's press release, the Nikola Corporation is a known global leader when it comes to zero-emissions transportation as well as energy infrastructure solutions. When it comes to OPAL Fuels LLC, the company is known as a trusted leader in delivering renewable gas as well as renewable fueling infrastructure for heavy-duty truck fleets.

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Fuel-Cell Electronic Vehicles

Both of the companies have reportedly entered into an official Memorandum of Understanding when it comes to the development, construction, and even the operation of hydrogen fueling stations in North America. This also includes the use of renewable natural gas in the production of hydrogen. Electronics that can literally last forever are also being developed through the use of the new BFree system.

Under this specific strategic engagement, both of the companies, namely Nikola and OPAL Fuels, reportedly intend to co-develop and also co-market hydrogen refueling infrastructure in order to accelerate the adoption of heavy-duty zero-emission fuel-cell EVs. This is otherwise known as FCEV.

Under the supposed Memorandum of Understanding, both companies now intend to start beta products with a select number of customers to help drive engagement as well as accelerate the development. The Parties now intend to also develop the best practices as well as standards for hydrogen refueling station design and protocols.

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