Facebook's DNS or Domain Name System has been the reason why it was "down" or inaccessible, including its other apps and services, including that of Messenger, WhatsApp, Oculus, and more. The big blue company has not yet revealed the reason for its systems going out, but speculations point out to its domain.

Facebook Outage Now Back Online

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Facebook app

Facebook was down a lengthy number of times, and it has confused people on whether the social media company has been having issues with its services now.

However, after several hours, Facebook is back online, and its status is now green via the Down Detector service and the DNS Checker, which has initially shown "failed" status for Facebook.

The origin of Facebook's outage has not been revealed or addressed by the company, something which remains a mystery for users. Facebook has focused more on bringing back its systems as fast as possible, something which the company has worked on in the past eight hours or so.

The outage has started as early as 11 AM ET and has only resumed its full services by around 7 AM ET. However, the return of its service is not guaranteed for all users.

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Facebook DNS Problems

According to The Verge, the issue points out to be a DNS problem, and it was the culprit who has caused a domino effect on all of the Facebook applications. A lot of services were unusable, and it focused mainly on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and the Oculus.

It was said that employees also had a hard time in their communications, as well as using their emails that have the company domain as its address.

ZDNet adds that Facebook has no Border Gateway Patrol (BGP), and it is an important factor in reaching users and distributing information on online websites. 

Facebook Issues

There were issues on Facebook that have surfaced from the company, and it has forced them to speak out, especially as their apps affect the mental health of people using those. Some have said that the big blue social media has made it to a point where it had to "cover-up" on this, as they do not want to lose users and its account holders.

Also, there were several accounts of a "whistleblower" revealing insider information for social media, saying that it has sacrificed safety over profits. That being said, Facebook is accused of looking more into profits and has been disregarding the safety of people, especially with regards to their online identity and security.

All of these issues were being faced by the big blue social media company, and then the DNS issue came along and somehow affected its systems. The down issue has rendered its app and online services unusable, and a lot has been affected by this, and it is not limited to the US only.

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