PlayStation Classics on PC? Ex-Sony Exec Opens Up About Efforts
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) PlayStation Classics on PC? Ex-Sony Exec Opens Up About Efforts

What if PlayStation classics make their way to PC? An ex-Sony executive is opening up about efforts to make this possible. Imagine old-school hits being finally playable on PC without the need for an emulator.

Sony First-Party Games

According to a story by arsTechnica, Sony actually has quite a long history of actually keeping its precious first-party games behind the whole walled garden of console exclusivity. This, however, could change in the future.

Due to Sony's history of exclusives, the company's choice to bring its highly celebrated PS4 hit known as "Horizon Zero Dawn" to PC in August 2020 actually felt like a precedent-changing move away from that particular barrier to entry. This evidently represented a seismic shift for a publisher protective of its own wide array of different console exclusives.

Sony CEO Shares News

The former CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, known as Shawn Layden, relays the news. Sony is said to adopt a brand new, more open strategy for porting certain first-party titles along with PC, and it was actually an easy decision.

Even on the latest episode of the What's Up PlayStation podcast, Laydon himself, who exited the company in October 2019, noted that he had actually been one of the few people who were considering adopting a fresh PC initiative in the time shortly before he officially retired.

Horizon and Uncharted 4

Following Horizon's own launch in 2020, "Days Gone" was able to hit the platform earlier this 2021. Sony, meanwhile, followed an "Uncharted 4" leak in May 2021 with an announcement at its very own September PS5 showcase that the following year "Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection" is set to hit PC shortly after it launches on the console.

"Death Stranding" was also officially ported over in July 2020, with 505 Games on its own publishing duties. As of the moment, PC gamers can already access a number of Sony's games through PlayStation Now on PC. For those into the whole gaming PC realm, check out Razer's new Kiyo X and Ripsaw X

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PS Now App

The PS Now app allows players to simply connect a controller and start streaming hundreds of different games that are on demand. Although this is technically not fully for PC owners strictly but rather an extension of being able to play Sony games on the PC, the solution already works well enough for players to enjoy a number of games through streaming online.

The official PlayStation website says that even if you don't have a PS4, it is still no problem at all, and players only need a PlayStation Network account, along with a compatible controller, in order for them to start playing. Players will be able to Stream the whole PS Now game collection to their Windows PC on-demand.

Players can simply save their game progress to the PS Now cloud and simply continue playing wherever they sign in, either on Windows PC or PS4. Access to the whole game library with a whole free seven-day trial for the new members. Check out the best SNES games on the Nintendo Switch online platform. 

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