Apple iphone 13 camera
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Apple received poor interest results from a recent survey about the iPhone 13 and the Apple Watch Series 7, as the public is not that swooned by the new smartphone and accessory. The iPhone 13 was a highly anticipated device from the Cupertino giant, and its release has given it a new look, especially as it focuses on improving from its previous releases.

However, not a lot has changed for the iPhone 13 compared to the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models. as they still have the somehow boxy body, encased in glass, with a no-home button-design from the iPhone X.

There have been different improvements like the 120Hz and ProMotion screen, but those were not enough for the public to be interested in it after launch. 

Survey Says iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 Not That Interesting

 Apple iphone 13 camera
(Photo : Ming Yeung/Getty Images)

In a report and survey by Sell Cell, the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 was initially devices which people had wanted to purchase before it was unveiled by Apple. And while the features that were rumored beforehand have appeared, it was not enough to win the public over once it was revealed. 

There are many factors as to why it now sees a massive change of its status quo as one of the most awaited smartphones of 2021, and it includes that of its look and features added this time. 

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iPhone 13 Plunges Among Customer Opinion

Indeed, the iPhone 13 did not change much of its looks from the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11, especially as these three devices are almost identical to each other. From the 43.7% of interested users that would upgrade to the iPhone 13 pre-launch, only 23.2% of the respondents have said that they are still interested in purchasing the device after September 14. 

And that is not only the case, as the main reason for the change of smartphone device from the Cupertino giant is the new screen that is capable of 120Hz refresh rate and ProMotion display. Other features like the massive 1TB storage, better camera, better battery, and the new chip did not do well with them. 

On the other hand, the most popular variant of the iPhone 13 would be the iPhone 13 Pro (6.1 inches) that received 42.5% of the votes, while the 13 Pro Max (6.7 inches) amasses 26.3%.

The iPhone 13 only takes 22% of the votes, while the iPhone 13 Mini is the least popular with 9.2% votes only. 

The overall interest for the iPhone 13 also decreased, and 46.9% of the people that were part of the survey said that it was "not at all exciting," which is the lowest of the spectrum. 

Some people said that they would still wait for the iPhone 14, and another factor for this would be the missing "Touch ID" feature that was rumored to come in-screen. 

Apple Watch Series 7 Suffers Same Fate

MacRumors said that the Apple Watch Series 7 had suffered the same fate, and it had also shunned customers when it was released from buying the smartwatch from the Cupertino giant. 

Despite its many new features and better performance, both the iPhone 13 and Watch Series 7 see a decline.

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