Microsoft and Qualcomm seek to improve the Windows 11 WiFi gaming experience by ensuring a lower latency connection.

Microsoft, Qualcomm Improve Windows 11 Wifi Gaming Experience—Here’s How it Works
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Even as Windows 11 finally rolls out to the public last Oct.4, Microsoft continues to introduce additional features for its latest operating system or OS.

Microsoft, Qualcomm Improve Windows 11 Wifi Gaming Experience

For instance, Qualcomm and Microsoft went on to announce that users of the Windows 11 could experience low latency gaming thanks to its native support for the Wi-Fi Dual Station feature.

Qualcomm further said that the Wi-Fi Dual Station support of Windows 11 is paired with the firm's FastConnect 4-stream Dual Band Simultaneous or DBS.

Both additions seek to improve the experience of the growing number of PC gamers.

Windows 11 Wi-Fi Dual Station, Qualcomm DBS Support: How it Works

As per XDA-Developers, the Qualcomm 4-stream DBS used to be the unique proponent of the FastConnect mobile connectivity system of the tech giant.

The said connectivity system uses numerous antennas and bands, such as 2.4 GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz, to produce a low-latency connection, which means that there will be minimal delays in the network.

That said, ideally, the gaming experience will not be compromised by any slow down of the network due to its poor latency.

Not to mention that Qualcomm also boasted the DBS system further provides high-speed gaming performance for mobile users.

As such, Windows 11's Wi-Fi Dual Station, along with the Qualcomm FastConnect 4-Stream DBS, vows to remove the unnecessary lags in the WiFi gaming experience of PC users.

What's more, Qualcomm touted that the Wi-Fi Dual Stations paired with the 4-steam DBS provides "wire-class" responsiveness.

It is worth noting that the lag-free connection benefits most players of fast-paced games, such as the "DOTA 2" and the "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" due to their Steamworks SDK support.

On top of that, the Wi-FI Dual Station will not only benefit PC gaming hobbyists as the seamless connection could also help the growing industry of businesses that utilizes remote tools, such as video calls.

The increasing dependence of business on remote systems is brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, which limited the face-to-face office setting until the present times.

It is to note that low-latency connection plays an important role for video conferences, and collaborations as any issues could decrease the overall productivity of the group.

Not just that, Windows Report further noted in its report that the improved Wi-Fi connectivity feature Windows 11 also allows enterprise users to depend less on wires.

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Windows 11 Wi-Fi Dual Station Support

According to WindowsReport, the latest feature from Windows and Qualcomm exclusively works for PCs with Windows 11 installed. Plus, the machine should also support the FastConnect systems of Qualcomm.

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