Google is now auto-enrolling its users to two-factor authentication or 2FA, which used to be an optional route.

How to Turn Off Google Two-Factor Authentication Amid Auto-Enrollment of Users
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The search engine giant further announced that it plans to enable the feature by default to its 150 million users, along with two million YouTube creators, as per The Register.

Google Two-Factor Authentication

Last May 7, Google hinted about its move to require its users to use the two-factor authentication by default.

The Director of Product Management, Identity, and User Security of Google, Mark Risher, went on to dub passwords as "the single biggest threat to your online security" during its initial announcement early this year.

The Google exec further pointed out the passwords are usually required to be long and complex. Thus, most users tend to repeat a single password for all platforms, which in turn makes it a security vulnerability.

Risher further wrote on the Google blog last May that even complex and long passwords still have a chance to be compromised. That said, Google wants to push its users to ditch their dependence on passwords alone in favor of two-factor authentication or what the tech firm calls two-step verification or 2SV.

It is to note that 2FA enables its users to have an extra layer of protection instead of the classic password requirement alone.

To be precise, 2FA requires a one-time code for a user to log in. The code is commonly sent by the app either via an email or text message.

As such, even if intruders successfully cracked your login credentials, they will still need the one-time code that will exclusively be sent to your phone number or email address.

Google Two-Factor Authentication Auto-Enroll

Now, Google vowed to auto-enroll the 2FA to millions of its users and YouTubers before the year ends.

Yet again, the search engine giant reiterated how unsafe passwords are during the announcement of its planned rollout. As such, Google concluded that it would be the safest choice to enroll its users to 2SV automatically.

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Google Two-Factor Authentication: How to Turn Off

However, if the additional security process is not your thing despite its protection benefits, Google still gives its users a free will to disable it.

Here's how to turn off the 2FA on Google, according to TheNextWeb.

  • Go to your Account Settings.
  • Select the Security tab.
  • Scroll down to the "Signing in to Google" section.
  • Toggle off the 2-Step Verification.

It is worth noting that removing the 2SV or 2FA of Google could open up security vulnerabilities that an additional authentication process provides.

That said, turn it off with precaution as the intention of Google is clear: to ramp up the security of its users.

On the other hand, users without the 2FA enabled yet could follow the same process. However, they should toggle the 2-Step Verification to ON instead of off.

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