Facebook Messenger is more than just a messaging platform for the users.

This app has a plethora of features that you might not have encountered before. If you are here to learn more about some tricks and hacks on this application, here are the things that you can do regardless if you are an Android or an iPhone user.

Facebook Messenger Tricks 101

#TechTimesLifeHack: Must-Try Facebook Messenger Hacks and Tricks You Might Not Know About
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Facebook Messenger has some hidden tricks that you might have done before. Here are some of the useful hacks that you should know by now.

According to a report by Whistle Out, there are several tricks that you can try on your Facebook Messenger. You might be familiar with some of them. Still, you should finish reading this article to know the hacks that you might not have done yet.

Fancy Nicknames

There are times that in a group chat, some people share similar names. In this case, you need to set a unique nickname for each participant. You can do that by clicking the list of the group members above your chat.

After tapping it, click the "nicknames" and select the person who will be given a new moniker. Next, enter your desired nickname and save it.

Unlimited Emoji Reactions

Previously, Facebook only allowed us to react using particular emojis. Now, you can do the same thing but with hundreds of emoticons to choose from.

To begin emoji reacting, tap the message and hold it for some time. Click the "+" icon and find the emoji that you want to react to. The first set of emojis is also customizable.

Location Sharing

Facebook Messenger allows you to connect with friends by sharing your current location with them. Although it sounds weird at first, you can give a helping hand to a friend who is stranded or troubled at that time.

To demonstrate this, click the "+" icon. Tap the arrow icon. You can now share your live location with friends and other people.

Group Chat Photo

The messaging app will also allow users to designate a picture for their group. Before changing the photo, click on the list at the top of the group chat. Next, you can now edit and select the image from your camera roll.

Facebook Poll

If you want a heads up for your friend who can't reply right away, you can try creating a poll from Facebook Messenger. To do this, hit the "+" icon near the text field.

Next, click the three-bars icon and fill in the specific information. You can add options if you want. 

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Check Messages From Unknown People

Sometimes, you can receive random messages from people you don't know personally. There's a way to find them through the app. Begin by tapping your display picture on the left corner on top. Click the message requests afterward.

On top of these hacks, you can also do the following in your Facebook Messenger:

  • Sending encrypted messages

  • Looking at a particular message

  • Launching video chat room

  • Changing chat emojis

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