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GM announced that it plans to overtake Tesla's hold on the EV market in the United States. The company wants to be the number one manufacturer of electronic vehicles in the country.

The automaker will release numerous new EVs to achieve their goal, including an electric crossover that costs $30,000.

GM Wants to Overtake Tesla

In the GM's shareholder's meeting on Oct. 6, the automaker made several announcements, including its electrification plans.

GM also recently purchased California's solar energy to power its fleet of EV.

The statement is that the automaker wants to take the leadership position in the electric vehicle market share in the United States using money from its internal combustion engine or ICE sales.

Currently, GM is second only to Tesla in the US regarding electric vehicle sales, but the position is not that close, according to The Washington Post.

Not only did Tesla surpass GM in electric vehicle sales, but the margin is so far that GM needs to double its sales to catch up.

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Also, GM is recalling and buying back its two electric vehicles, the Bolt EV and the Bolt EUV, because of battery fire risk.

Despite this, GM believes that its new electric vehicles will be able to come through for them.

GM's growth will be driven by its new EV called the Ultium. The automaker created the EV to launch a better portfolio filled with highly desirable EVs that uses common components.

GM's new EV will include high-volume entries, including a Chevrolet crossover that is worth $30,000, Buick crossovers, trucks from Chevrolet, HUMMER, and GMC, as well as Cadillac EVs.

Mary Barra, GM CEO and Chair stated that GM's vision for a world with zero emissions had placed them ahead of much of the competition in electrification, software-enabled services, and autonomy.

Barra also stated that the early investments in these growth trends had changed the company. They began as an automaker, and now, they are innovating vehicles, with their customer's satisfaction at the center.

GM's Hands-Free Driving

Aside from announcing its plans for the future, GM has also unveiled its Super Cruise driver-assist system, which is a predecessor of the system that it launched in 2017, according to Engadget.

The new system will enable hands-free driving in 95% of all driving scenarios, and GM calls it the Ultra Cruise.

Ultra Cruise is different from the other systems because it is made to work virtually everywhere in the US and Canada.

The system is expected to work for 2 million miles, which includes working on cities, highways, subdivision streets, and rural roads.

As for the Super Cruise vehicle, GM has no plans of taking it out of the market. The automaker will release 22 more models by 2023.

GM wants to continue offering Super Cruise for its more mainstream vehicles like the Escalade, Sierra, and Silverado, while Ultra Cruise will be reserved for GM's premium offerings.

The company noted that select 2023 Cadillacs would be the main vehicle of the EV line, according to Electrek.

Ultra Cruise will support both automatic and manual lane changes. It will also support left, and right turns.

It can avoid obstacles, obey traffic signals, and even park itself in residential driveways.

Improvements and adjustments to the vehicle's system will be delivered via updates. An attention camera system will be added to the system to avoid any Tesla-style wrecks.

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