Google Chrome users are urged to update another critical patch, which is the second one in just a week, as the big tech discovered four high-level vulnerabilities that hackers could infiltrate.

Google Chrome Users Urged to Update Again! Four High-Level Vulnerabilities Exist, Tech Giant Warns
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As such, Google warned its 2.6 billion users of the popular web browser, Chrome, to download the critical update that seeks to fix the numerous vulnerabilities hiding beneath the app.

Google Chrome Users Urged to Update ASAP Again

The tech giant issued the warning in its latest blog post, highlighting the existence of more security vulnerabilities in the browser.

As per Forbesthe latest security flaws come days after Google Chrome released its 12th and 13th 'zero day' exploits for 2021.

Google Chrome Users Urged to Update Again! Four High-Level Vulnerabilities Exist, Tech Giant Warns
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Now, Google just confirmed another set of security issues that requires Chrome users to update as soon as possible again.

The blog post from the search engine giant, which also owns one of the biggest web browsers, only mentioned that the latest update includes a total of four security fixes.

Google Chrome Four High-Level Vulnerabilities

However, it is to note that Google restricted the information about the issues as part of the standard industry practice, which helps its users buy time to download the latest patch. 

Nevertheless, Forbes still collected information about the four high-level flaws in the same report. To be precise, the CVE-2021-37978 is found on the heap buffer overflow in Blink, whereas the CVE-2021-3977 exists on the Garbage Collection.

Not just that, the CVE-2021-37979 was also from another heap buffer overflow, but this time within the WebRTC. Meanwhile, the CVE-2021-37980 is due to the inappropriate implementation in the Sandbox of Chrome.

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Google Warns Chrome Users

According to's report, the threat analysis group of Google or TAG warned Chrome users that hackers have "created malformed code signatures," which security scanners using the OpenSSL code failed to detect.

On top of that, Windows also deemed the code signature of the hackers as valid, making it a possible undetected infiltration for the criminal minds.

What's more, TAG further noted that the said technique that hackers did on Chrome is being used by software under the OpenSUpdater line.

It is to note that OpenSUpdater is categorized as a "riskware" that shows ads on browser users to install sketchy apps on PCs.

TAG also revealed that the said technique mostly goes for users in the United States who usually download gaming apps online.

The latest warning from Google comes after the tech giant announced two vulnerabilities last Oct. 3.

The search engine giant then urged Chrome users to also update their browsers ASAP to fix the two security flaws.

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