Tesla's FSD Beta 10.2 has now been released for the public, and it brings the "Pure Vision Autopilot" or Tesla Vision to the spotlight, as it is now being utilized by autonomous driving technology. Yes, Elon Musk himself has confirmed that the FSD would use Vision instead of the previous Radar for the latest version of the FSD, and probably the upcoming ones.

Earlier this year, there has been a massive move for Tesla and its CEO, and it is the production of the Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles to be rolling out with the Vision, instead of the radar.

It was initially thought of as a caveat, but it is now attributed to a better performance of the Full-Self Driving feature of the company, especially with regards to safety.

Tesla FSD Now Uses Vision Instead of Radar

Tesla FSD
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Radar was once the pinnacle of technology until it was not anymore, and the same goes for the Tesla FSD that now applies a different kind of tech to its autonomous driving feature. This was initially revealed by "Whole Mars Blog," a content creator and avid fan of Tesla that answered the question of another fan who asked about the switch to Vision.

Here, the billionaire and Tesla CEO have revealed that the FSD now uses Vision, and it swapped it over with the previous technology of Radar that was once what powered its EV sensors.

Musk said that the Vision "was so good" that it reduced the SNR or signal-to-noise ratio of the Radar, one obstacle that the popular radio waves sensing technology has hardships on. This means that the FSD 10.2 is a better feature now and is meant for a safer drive.

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Tesla FSD Beta 10.2 with Vision

According to a release by Tesla last May, the company is already transitioning its electric vehicles to focus on "Vision," or the feature of the vehicle that would accompany its FSD with visual cues.

The FSD Beta 10.2 would utilize the Vision and it would bring a new feature for the vehicle, especially as it aims to be safer on the streets and act more responsive with regards to sharing the road.

It is known that one of the challenges of AI driving systems is the humans that they encounter, especially with the abrupt changes.

Tesla FSD Beta 10.2 Now Available for Those with Perfect Safety Scores

Everyone can apply for the FSD Beta program, but not all are guaranteed it as the download button can only appear for those that have 100/100 Safety Score for over 100 miles. That is what Elon Musk asks for, especially as Beta 10.2 is publicly rolling out to people, and it is not just a feature, but a responsibility for all potential users.

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