NASA Astronaut Stephanie Wilson Earthwork Monument Done by Land Artist Stan Herd
(Photo : Image from NASA Astronaut Stephanie Wilson Earthwork Monument Done by Land Artist Stan Herd

Although a lot of artists measure work by inches, Stan Herd measures his art by the acres. The latest piece is NASA astronaut Stephanie Wilson to coincide with the UN's "International Day of the Girl World" 2021's theme called "Women in Space."

Stan Herd Monument of Astronaut Stephanie Wilson

According to SmithsonianMag, quite fittingly, the next creation by Stan Herd debuted at Woodruff Park located in downtown Atlanta, and the artist is reportedly looking to the sky for inspiration. The piece of art is stretching a whopping 4,800 square feet in size, and the piece now coincides with the United Nations' current International Day of the Girl Child initiative and is also reportedly part of World Space Week.

World Space Week is an annual event that celebrates global accomplishments when it comes to science and technology.  Due to this 2021's theme being "Womeen in Space," Herd has decided to create a portrait of a veteran NASA astronaut with three space flights under her belt and also the first African American woman ever to go to space Stephanie Wilson.

NASA Stephanie Wilson as Part of Artemis

Stephanie Wilson is reportedly one of 18 astronauts that are currently part of Artemis. Artemis is NASA's official lunar exploration program that is scheduled to send the first woman ever to the moon in 2004. Herd's creation of the Stephanie Wilson earthwork portrait can be seen online.

According to the NASA biography page of Stephanie Wilson, she is a veteran of three different spaceflights, namely the STS-121 in 2006, another STS-120 in 2007, and yet another STS-131 in 2010. She has reportedly been able to log over 42 days in space.

Who is Stephanie Wilson?

Wilson was born in Boston and reportedly attended high school in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and was able to earn her own Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science from Harvard University back in 1988. She then received her Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering in 1992, coming from the University of Texas at Austin which was after first working at the Martin Marietta for two years.

Her graduate research was sponsored by a certain NASA Graduate Student Researchers Fellowship, which is focused on the control as well as modeling of large flexible space structures. She was selected by NASA as an astronaut back in April 1996 and was able to fly her first ever space shuttle mission back in 2006. Aside from Tesla, NASA also partners with Boeing and is now announcing a potential date for its Starliner test launch.

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Stephanie Wilson Accomplishments

She then flew subsequent shuttle missions both in 2007 and 2010. Wilson had reportedly served as the Space Station Integration Branch Chief from the year 2010 to 2012. In 2013, Wilson was able to complete a full 9-month detail to NASA's very own Glenn Research Center as the official Acting Chief of Program and Project Integration in the Spaceflight Systems Directorate.

She has then reportedly served as a member of 2009, 2013, and even the 2017 Astronaut Selection Boards. She is reportedly a member of the Astronaut Office as well as the current Mission Support Crew Brand Chief. The ISS has just shared a photo of a lightning dash which is a rare find even for high-tech cameras.

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