COVID Outbreak in Schools Forces Students to Move to Remote Learning
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) COVID Outbreak in Schools Forces Students to Move to Remote Learning

COVID-19 has been a growing problem, especially for students that are set to return to their physical classes and slowly bring things back to normal. A school in Toronto, however, has now been temporarily closed after a recent COVID-19 outbreak according to the official health authorities.

Toronto Public Health on School Outbreak

According to CBC, the Silverthorn Collegiate Institute is set to remain closed effectively on October 12, 2021. All of the school's students will now be moved to remote learning while the situation is being dealt with.

The official Toronto Public Health has declared that all in-person classes and activities have now been dismissed. The school is located on 291 Mill Road in Etobicoke, Toronto, Canada.

Certain measures are also being taken by parents through sneaking in carbon dioxide monitors when their children go to school in order to check out the safety of their surroundings.

No timeline from TDSB

The official Toronto District School Board has now echoed the announcement just shortly after noting that the closure will then allow the Toronto Public Health to have additional time to investigate these particular cases. The TDSB did not provide a timeline or indication as to how long the closure is expected to last.

Ryan Bird, the spokesperson for the Toronto District School Board, gave a statement. According to the spokesperson, they are now working closely with the Toronto Public School and helping them in any way that they can. As of the moment, vaccines are also being developed in order to cater to kids as young as age 5 to 11.

TPH Investigates Issue

It was also noted that while they are still hoping that students will be able to return to in-person learning just shortly, it is still not yet clear as to how long the dismissal will last, as it currently depends on the TPH investigation. The statement also noted that in the meantime, all of the students would be moving towards remote learning.

The outbreak was reportedly declared along with the decision to close the school, which was made following a recent investigation that had revealed potential exposures to certain students across a number of different grades. As of October 8, 2021, there were a whopping 21 active school outbreaks along with 30 active investigations in 122 different school settings.

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COVID-19 Cases

The TPH typically declares an outbreak if ever they find that there are over two different COVID-19 cases that are linked within school settings in a 14 day period. The official findings and more information regarding certain active school outbreaks are now being posted on the public health's dashboard.

Although schools around the world are slowly making an effort to bring things back to normal, with the current state of the coronavirus, things might still take a slow pace. This, of course, depends on the way the virus is handled as well as how the school is handling the students.

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