Intel Alder Lake benchmark leaks just keep coming, it seems. Now, this one is for the mid-range, mainstream users who won't technically need super-high-end chips.

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This latest leaked benchmark is of the Core i5-12400, which according to Digital Trends, is going to sport a respectable six cores and 12 threads. However, it's built differently compared to its brothers, as it's not a hybrid.

Before we go to the architecture itself, here are the leaked benchmark numbers. Shared first on the Chinese Bilibili forum before being spotted by Twitter user @9550pro, these still-unconfirmed performance numbers are impressive:


One of the first tests is Cinebench, where the mid-range Intel Alder Lake chip tallied a higher single-core score than every single AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU with 659 cb.

Next, the leak also showcased some built-in CPU-Z benchmark numbers, with the 12400 scorings 681.7 in single-core/thread.

As for the multi-threaded performance, the mid-range Intel Alder Lake chip is also no slouch. It scored 4784 cb in Cinebench multi-core and 4983 on CPU-Z multi-core, writes Tom's Hardware.

Mid-Range Intel Alder Lake Is Different

By "different," we mean the i5-12400 is really built in a different way compared to its more expensive bigger siblings, the flagship i9-12900K and the i7-12700K.

That's because the 12400 is not featuring the vaunted big.LITTLE architecture that Intel has been marketing like crazy for its top-end 12th gen parts. Instead of having an equal number of "big" and "little" cores, the i5-12400 will only have six "big" ones (aka performance cores).

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Despite the lack of this Intel Alder Lake-specific architecture change, however, the 12400 still managed to beat the current mid-range king: the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X.

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Disruptive Pricing

The i5-12400 is not a hybrid CPU, but it could make up for its now traditional architecture with a potentially disruptive price tag.

Compared to its most direct competitor in the 5600X, which is priced at $300 MSRP, the 12400 could come close to $200.

It seems like Intel's choice to go for the full "big" Golden Cove cores still paid off. The lack of the "little" cores to handle background tasks could cripple the i5-12400's overall multi-threaded performance, but it's making up with really strong single-thread numbers--something that Team Blue has been well-known for.

Power Users, Steer Clear

For users who might be doing a lot of hardware-heavy productivity-related workloads, however, it looks like you must steer clear of the 12th gen i5 line. The i5-12400 might do a better job at gaming because of these leaked benchmarks.

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This would fall in line with the most recent gaming benchmark for Intel Alder Lake, which saw the i9-12900K beat the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X in "Ashes of the Singularity." 

But this doesn't mean the 12400 won't be a good CPU for content creators. It still has six powerful cores and 12 threads, which is still more than enough for all but the most demanding productivity tasks.

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