Apple's MacBook silicon chip would take on a new name says speculations, and it would be released for this October's event that was also rumored to have one, and feature the new M1 chip for laptops. It would refresh on the almost year-old release of the M1, as the first manufactured System-on-chip by Apple for its Mac lineup.

Apple and MacBook's New Name for its Silicon Chip

Apple M1 Chip
(Photo : Apple via Screenshot)

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has speculated on the M1 a lot this day, and it focuses on the next name that its Silicon Chip would have featured, especially as it upgrades into the better device.

It would either be the M1X or the first rumored name of the M-series chip that would have the performance boost and upgrades. However, another one would be going in the direction of the M2.

Gurman has said that the M2 would be released for 2022's mid-year, intended for the MacBook Air, so this is taken off the table. M1X would not be fitting as well.

The Apple analyst has said that it would be two versions: with "M1 Pro" being the 16-core GPU version, and the M1 Max being the 32-core GPU, while both still having 10 cores of CPU. It still would play around the "M1" name, and not completely drop it.


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Apple MacBook October Event

Apple Mac M1
(Photo : Apple)

Apple's MacBook October event has been speculated for a long time now, and it is because there have been speculators that heard it through the grapevine that the company would be upgrading.

However, it remains speculation and rumor for now, especially as Apple has not yet announced the legitimacy of this event.

It was said that the next MacBook event would focus on the 14-inch and 16-inch variants of the Pro laptop, having the new unified SoCs inside the device.

The MacBook's Evolution

Apple Mac M1
(Photo : Apple via Screenshot)

Apple's "One More Thing" event last November has focused on the first outing of the M-series Silicon Chip that has been the pinnacle of the Cupertino giant's computer lineup. The unified chip stands at 5nm, and while it is a small device, it promises big innovation and performance to all of the companies' succeeding devices.

The switch to the M1 has left behind a partner for decades, and it is the Intel chips that once powered the CPUs and graphics of the Mac computer. The Core i-series of Intel once powered Macs, from its i5 up to the i9 for the iMac Pro.

It was indeed a massive leap for Apple, to go and design their chips, but it was a worthy upgrade for the company as it brought them a lot of success in the market.

In terms of performance, it has not been shy of performing well for users, making it a highly remarkable device that now powers the modern MacBooks.

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