The "League of Legends" cross-team chat, better known as the /all chat in the game, has been disabled for matchmade queues by Riot Games. 

The disabling of the cross-team chat is part of Riot Games' efforts to curb toxic behavior among players of the game. However, team-to-team chat will be available during the end-of-game periods. 

Players can still chat with their own teammates during games. 

'League of Legends' Cross-Team Chat Disabled

The "League of Legends" cross-team chat has now been disabled by Riot Games as part of an effort to curb toxic behavior among "League of Legends" players. The cross-team chat is better known as the /all chat in the game.

The change affects matchmade queues, but teams can still chat with one another during end-of-game periods. 

"While /all chat can be the source of fun social interaction between teams, as well as some good-hearted banter, right now negative interactions outweigh the positives," Riot Games said in a blog post on the "League of Legends" website. 

"Enemies will still be able to hear and see your emotes and champ mastery (unless muted), as well as CTRL+1/2/3/4 spam," Riot Games added. 

The move comes after Riot Games began recording player voice chat in "Valorant" in April in an attempt to monitor toxic behavior, according to a report by PC Gamer

Riot Games is not the only studio to have disabled a game's cross-team chat. Ubisoft has likewise disabled the cross-team chat for "Rainbow Six Siege."

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Players in the Same Team Can Still Chat with Each Other

Players who are in the same team can still chat with one another during their "League of Legends" game. This has caused some confusion among players as even chats among members of the same team can still be venues of toxic behavior. 

Riot Games has addressed this confusion by saying, "we're aware that verbal abuse happens in team chat too, so disabling /all chat won't get rid of abuse altogether. But team chat also plays an important team coordination function, so the potential value it brings is much higher, even if it can also host some negative experiences."

'League of Legends'

"League of Legends" is a multiplayer online battle arena video game released in October 2009. The game has been developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and macOS.

Players form two teams of five who then go against each other in player versus player combat. Each team gets their own half of the map and must protect their territory and a structure called the Nexus. A team wins by destroying the opponents' Nexus structure. 

Each player controls his or her own character, which is referred to in the game as "champion." Each champion has his or her own set of skills and gets stronger by collecting experience points as well as earning gold.  

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