Blue Origin has announced a new launch time for its second crewed mission, which counts "Star Trek" legend William Shatner as part of its crew.

The new launch time for Blue Origin's NS-18 mission has been set at 10 a.m. EDT or 9 a.m. in the local time of Texas, where the mission launch is set to take place.

The launch of the NS-18 mission has been delayed by one day due to the high winds at the launch site.

Blue Origin Announces Launch Time for NS-18 Mission

Blue Origin has announced a new launch time for the NS-18 mission, the company's second crewed flight.

According to a report by Space, the new launch time is now set at 10 a.m. EDT or 9 a.m. in the local time of Texas. Blue Origin's launch site is located near Van Horn, Texas.

The new launch time is 30 minutes later than the original scheduled time. This is because of "forecasted winds at vehicle rollout," according to an announcement by Blue Origin.

The launch date of Blue Origin's second crewed flight has previously been delayed by a day due to the high winds at the launch site.

Blue Origin's NS-18 Mission

 The NS-18 mission is Blue Origin's second crewed flight. The mission has four crew members: "Star Trek" actor William Shatner, Blue Origin Vice President Audrey Powers, Planet co-founder Chris Boshuizen, and Dassault Systèmes Vice Chair Glen de Vries.

Shatner was already rumored to be going to space via the Blue Origin crewed flight even before the official announcement was made by the space company.

The flight will have no pilot since the Blue Shepard, which will be used to launch the mission, has an automated system.

According to the report by Space, the flight will last for 11 minutes and will launch its passengers "above the 62-mile (100 kilometers) Kármán line, which is an internationally recognized boundary of space" before returning to Earth.

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The First Crewed Mission

The first crewed mission of Blue Origin carried its founder, Jeff Bezos, his brother, Mark, Wally Funk, and Oliver Daemen above the Kármán line back in July.

The Blue Origin mission ended up breaking a couple of Guinness World Records upon its successful launch and completion.

82-year-old Wally Funk became the oldest person to fly to space. William Shatner will break that record himself during the NS-18 mission as the "Star Trek" actor is already 90 years old. Oliver Daemen also broke the record as the youngest person to go to space.

The mission itself is the first-ever crewed flight to space to include a paying passenger, which also happens to be Daemen.

Jeff and Mark Bezos also made it to the Guinness World Record as the first pair of sibling to be in space at the same time.

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