McDonald's is testing out several branches or fast food restaurant chains to sell the McPlant Burgers or the vegan option of the multinational food company in the coming month. Hold your horses because it is not yet coming now, as it would be intended for November, and it is important to note that there would only be eight McDonalds that would feature this. 

One of America's most popular fast-food chains is already on the verge of having vegan options in its stores, and it would be a different approach for the company after holding out of it for so long. 

The company has already upgraded several of its features for modern times, including that of AI bots for its Drive-Thru facilities and more. Additionally, it has resumed its almost regular operations after it being closed down due to the coronavirus and all the restrictions with regards to health.

McDonald's is Going Vegan with McPlant Burgers

McDonald’s McPlant Burgers Coming Next Month
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McDonald's of the United States are finally going vegan, and it was announced by the company that it would be coming for eight restaurant locations in the next month. The vegan venture of the company is releasing the McPlant Burgers, and it would be one of the first alternative options of one of the world's most popular fast-food chains. 

It would not be a vegetarian or pescatarian alternative of the Fillet-o-Fish, rather, a plant-based burger patty that would resemble the taste of its regular beef patty, without any meat on it. McDonald said that it would be available for a limited time only, and it would be in small-scale operations even on said restaurants. 

Moreover, Mcdonald's said that it would be experimenting on different flavors frequently, and this means that several taste profiles may be changed. This means that there would be different flavors of the McPlant burger instead of the traditional options from the fast-food restaurant like the BigMac and others. 

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Where to Buy McPlant Burgers?

The venture was done with Beyond Meat, and the concept was pushed by McDonald's for this vegan-safe alternative and not having an ounce of meat on its food. That being said, it would suit the taste buds and requirements of a person that is focusing on this lifestyle, especially as some are keen on veganism and avoiding any animal produce. 

It would be available in the following restaurants in the country only:

  • Irving, Texas
  • Carrollton, Texas
  • Cedar Falls, Iowa
  • Jennings, Louisiana 
  • Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • El Segundo, California
  • Manhattan Beach, California

Is it Exclusive for Vegans Only? 

The McPlant Burgers have no exclusivity to vegans only or those who practice this lifestyle or a part of their religion. However, it is important to note that this is still a small-time operation, and if supplies have run out, it would seize its operations or stop selling for the day. 

McDonald's has not yet announced when it would be available on a massive scale, so people would have to stay tuned on this.

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