Clubhouse is launching a new feature for the audio-only chat, and it is called "Music Mode," something that aims to make streaming audio or songs in the background to be better to complete the experience. Clubhouse has been the go-to app this pandemic, but that did not stop competitors from offering their take and rivaling the audio streaming company. 

Clubhouse Music Mode

Clubhouse Music Mode
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Clubhouse Music Mode launches

Clubhouse has announced earlier today that it is launching its Music Mode to the app, and it is a feature that would boost audio for a better integration as it plays either in the foreground or background. This is a massive new feature for all music content creators, as it helps enable the boost of their art through the platform. 

The Music Mode of Clubhouse would be available to be toggled on via the three-dot menu of the company's app, which could then be used by anyone. 

Note that this is an enhancer within the app, and it would offer more than the traditional stereo output it has for others to listen to, as well as having the chance to input better songs using tools that these creators use. 

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Clubhouse for Music Content Creation

According to a report by Axios, Amazon is secretly building a live audio broadcasting application, and it would be a take of the e-commerce giant against the Clubhouse. The list of Clubhouse rivals continues to grow and would bring a lot for the public to choose in between apps. 

Clubhouse and Its Influence on Culture this Pandemic

Clubhouse had come a long way from its initial hit from the start of this pandemic when it first launched the audio-only app for audio rooms and spaces for people to join in. Now, it brings modern features available to people, including that of Spatial Audio that can help in making a person feel like they are in the same room as the conference. 

Moreover, it has evolved from its Beta feature of invite-only and is now available for a lot of users to join in and create their accounts. 

Now that Clubhouse is more free or open for all, almost anyone can join in different rooms and listen to their choice of live audio chat rooms that may satisfy their content. 

Now, it has evolved from a live audio chat room app, as it is being utilized in a more practical sense in a way that it promotes talk that consists of different topics and criteria, which does not necessarily mean that it is a seminar. 

It is more of a conference, and it invites a lot of people to join them, provided that the room can accompany them. 

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