Raspberry Pi Price Soars as Pi 4 2GB Model Goes from $35 to $45 Due to Global Chip Shortage
(Photo : Image from Raspberry Pi website) Raspberry Pi Price Soars as Pi 4 2GB Model Goes from $35 to $45 Due to Global Chip Shortage

The Raspberry Pi 4 price has gone up for the 2GB model. One of the most convenient and budget mini computers has been affected by the global chip shortage, shooting prices from $35 to $45.

Supply Chain Issues

According to the story by The Verge, in response to certain supply chain issues, especially when it comes to semiconductors, the Raspberry Pi is now increasing the price of the version of the Raspberry Pi 4 that is being sold with 2GB of RAM. The increase saw the price go from $35 up to $45.

As per CEO Eben Upton, the company's first-ever increase will see the Raspberry Pi 4 2GB's price go up by $10. The price will reportedly increase from $35 to $45. In order to serve the needs of customers on tighter budgets, the company will be reintroducing a discontinued line, the 1GB Pi 4, for the price of $35, according to Raspberry Pi.

Global Supply Chain Issues

Upton added that the changes in pricing are not going to stay. It was stated as the global supply chain issues start to moderate, they will keep revisiting the particular issue. The company said they want to get pricing back to where it previously was as fast as possible.

Upton stated that the supply chain challenges are most likely to continue through 2022, which echoes the predictions of other larger companies. These include the likes of Nvidia, TSMC, and Foxconn. However, it was noted that the company sees certain early signs that the whole supply chain situation could start easing down.

Raspberry Pi 4 Price

This is reportedly a significant price increase of well over 25% for the 2GB Raspberry Pi 4, a computer prized for its own affordability. This could have a massive impact on the whole industrial customers that use these Raspberry Pis. There is reportedly a lot one can do with the Raspberry Pi, including running Windows 11.

Upton noted that although the whole world still appears to be just slowly emerging from the pandemic, semiconductors now remain in high demand thanks to panic buying components companies. This is in order to ensure that they have enough to be able to meet their own demands.

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Fall of RAM Prices

The changes are now effectively reverting the price drop that the Raspberry Pi introduced in February 2020 in response to the fall of RAM prices. It also reportedly came just weeks before the whole COVID-19 pandemic started to upend demand for and the whole supply of consumer technology. For those that don't know, there is a difference between the Raspberry Pi Pico and the Arduino.

Components from the game consoles to graphics cards have been deeply hit by the global chip shortage causing a complication when it comes to manufacturing. This includes limiting their ability to produce enough products to be able to meet demands.

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