The Facebook Oversight Board claimed that the social media giant prevented it from moderating VIP users. If you don't know what an oversight board is, it is a part of an online platform that makes essential content moderation decisions to ensure that the platform is fair and not toxic. 

Facebook Oversight Board Allegedly Prevented From Moderating VIP Users by FB Itself—Insufficient Evidence for Cross-Check Program?
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The Oversight Board of FB is currently responsible for maintaining Facebook, as well as Instagram. 

"On some occasions, Facebook failed to provide relevant information to the Board, while in other instances, the information it did provide was incomplete," said the department. 

The Facebook Oversight Board added that the giant online platform specifically failed to provide crucial details about its VIP user program called Cross-Check. 

What FB announced the arrival of Cross-Check, it said that the program would review content decisions linked to politicians, journalists, celebrities, and other high-profile users. 

Facebook Oversight Board's Claims

According to CNN Business' latest report, the Oversight Board is an entity of FB. This department involves various social media experts that maintain the freedom of expression and human rights in the giant platform. 

Facebook Oversight Board Allegedly Prevented From Moderating VIP Users by FB Itself—Insufficient Evidence for Cross-Check Program?
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However, it seems like Facebook itself doesn't want the department's moderators to moderate VIP users. This was seen when various internal documents surfaced. They revealed that the Cross-Check program prevents normal FB enforcement processes from being implemented the high-profile consumers. 

Now, the Oversight Board is going against Facebook, claiming that they are being silenced regarding unfair VIP treatment. This is just one of the issues that Mark Zuckerberg and his company are currently facing. 

new Facebook whistleblower appeared in other news, saying that the company failed to fight various election interference. On the other hand, a new website called HowToStopFacebook.Org was launched by advocacy groups against the giant social media site.  

Facebook Cross-Check Covers Millions of VIP Users?

NPR reported that Facebook's Cross-Check program is not a small project, which contradicts that claim of the online platform. 

FB recently explained that its VIP user program is not a big deal since it covers relatively small numbers of high-profile consumers. 

The Oversight Board Director Thoman Hughes said that the unfair project is quite big since it covers more than 6 million VIP accounts.

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