MacBook Pro redesign and MagSafe 3 are currently being criticized because of their color mismatch issue. This problem is clearly causing some complaints.

Consumers definitely want to have their laptop's accessories to have matching colors with their device. It would be quite annoying if the colors of their gadget and charger don't fit each other.

This issue is currently happening with the new version of the high-end MacBook Pro and MagSafe 3. Apple released the revamped model of its popular laptop together with the latest MagSafe 3.

"The MagSafe oddly isn't color-matched to the space grey models," said Mark Gurman, one of the reliable journalists covering stories about Apple and other giant tech creators, in his latest Twitter post.

MacBook Pro, MagSafe 3 Color Mismatch Issue

According to MacRumors' latest report, Apple released the redesigned version of MacBook Pro in Space Gray and Silver color options.

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However, the giant iPhone maker is still offering the silver-colored MagSafe 3 and Space Gray MacBook Pro, which gives it an unusual color-match setup.

Because of this, huge numbers of consumers have been sharing their disappointing experiences on various social media platforms. The color mismatch issue also happened in other Apple gadgets. These include Apple Watch Series 7.

But, there's a chance that the giant tech firm would release a new color option for MagSafe 3 to solve the issue since it is also making efforts to enhance its other products and services.

Recently, we reported that Apple's M1 Max for MacBook models received a single-threaded CPU performance enhancement. On the other hand, the iPhone maker brought back MacBook Pro's ports.

Will MagSafe 3 Have New Color Options?

As of the moment, Apple consumers are asking the giant gadget developer to offer new color options for MagSafe 3 that would fit the current MacBook Pro Space Gray version.

One of the complainers said that the color output for the Apple laptop and charger is actually "garbage." Right now, the giant iPhone maker hasn't confirmed if it will release new color options for the latest MagSafe 3.

For those who are disappointed with the color mismatch issue, the best thing you can do right now is to wait for the giant manufacturer's actual confirmations.

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