Netflix Plans to Make a Child-Friendly TikTok-Like Kids Feed: Introducing the 'Kids Clips' Feature
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Netflix Plans to Make a Child-Friendly TikTok-Like Kids Feed: Introducing the 'Kids Clips' Feature

Netflix is reportedly planning to make its own child-friendly kids feed. The platform will be introducing its own "Kids Clips" feature, a TikTok-like feed designed to cater to kids.

Netflix iOS App 'for Kids'

Netflix's iOS app is now starting to test out a brand new feed for kids. This feed is reportedly designed in order to show short clips that are directly taken from its own library of children's content, according to the report by Bloomberg News.

According to the story by The Verge, it was noted that the "Kids Clips" feature makes use of a similar interface to TikTok or even the most recent Instagram Reels. This is in an attempt made by Netflix to be able to surface child-friendly content.

Netflix Kids Clips

While other competing services are now mostly formatted for viewing in portrait, the Netflix Kids Clips' videos are designed for viewers to watch content through a landscape orientation. Kids Clips is now joining quite a similar feature that Netflix has previously launched in order to promote its comedy content sometime earlier this year which was called "Fast Laughs."

Both of the features reportedly have a similar goal: to promote Netflix's own content through short clips that are similar to what users are watching on their social media. Bloomberg shared a screenshot of the Kids Clips interface showing a shortcut for adding a certain title to a watch later list for users.

TikTok vs. Netflix

Netflix also cited TikTok as its major competitor during the platform's past earnings report. The platform suggests that the features are now aimed to steal time away from the focus through focusing on more short-form content. Netflix is reportedly planning to release their own Mobile Games on the Apple App Store as well.

While other competing social networks are being criticized for sucking away hours and hours of their users' time, Bloomberg News reported that the Kids Clips would limit the number of clips that users can watch in just a single sitting of 10 to 20 clips.

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Netflix Kids Clips Launching in Different Markets

As of the moment, it reportedly sounds like a sensible limitation when it comes to the younger audience, which the feature is designed for. Kids Clips is expected to launch sometime soon in markets including Canada, the United States, Australia, Ireland, and Spanish-speaking Latin America.

As of the moment, however, there is still no news as to whether this feature will be made available for Android users. iOS users should be expecting this feature to roll out any time now. As of the moment, due to the popularity of Squid Game as well as a number of other movies and series, Netflix could potentially win the most Emmys ever after, already winning 34 awards during the Emmys 2021.

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