Xbox Series X restocks on EE have gone live on Thursday, Nov. 18. Some customers were able to score a Game Pass bundle as well besides the next-gen console.

At the moment, EE has been running out of supplies faster than expected. The Xbox Series X stocks release started on Thursday, Nov. 18, at 8:30 A.M. U.K. time. According to the latest, some buyers managed to obtain consoles by mid-day.

What stores should you visit to look for a potential console purchase in the United Kingdom at the moment?

EE Xbox Game Bundles

Xbox Series X EE Restock: Game Pass Bundle Now Available For UK Buyers | Where to Go Next?
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EE has held a major restock for the Xbox Series X consoles on Thursday, Nov.18. If you miss this deal, read here to know the next restock locations in the UK for the next-gen gadget.

According to a report by Oxford Mail, E.E. aims to be the leading gaming network in the United Kingdom by releasing its two new gaming bundles for customers. The bundle features an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for mobile users, which contains more than 100 Xbox games on top of endless game streaming.

By subscribing for £21 ($28.2) per month, you can get the following:

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • Unlimited data for gaming
  • Xbox Series S for an additional £10 ($13.4) upfront

If you want to opt for a monthly fee of £31 ($41.8), here is the perk that you can get aside from unlimited gaming data and Xbox Series S:

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Video data pass

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Xbox Series X EE Restock and Other Stores to Visit

In another report from The Independent, the Xbox Series X bundle has been made readily available for U.K. customers with a phone contract. 

Regardless of whether you are a new or an existing buyer from the store, you are eligible to add the console to your phone contract at the moment.

Besides the Game Pass bundles, E.E. has rolled out Xbox All Access which is similar to what Asda, GAME, and Smyths are offering. For only £28.99 or $39, you can get this deal with no required upfront fee.

If you are not lucky to obtain the next-gen console from E.E., you still have hopes to get it from other retailers across the U.K. Here are the shops that you can check for your Xbox Series X hunt. Xbox Series X Restock

The U.K. buyers know that has a lot of Xbox Series X stocks and accessories on its shelves aside from the games. If you are planning to get one before the holidays, has a present for you this November.

BT Xbox Series X Restock

If you are unsure where to go after the E.E. major restock, you can visit B.T. Just make sure that you have already registered an account to get the required code.

Amazon U.K. Xbox Series X Restock

Several reports said that the next major restock for Xbox Series X will happen on Amazon all over the U.K. Apart from that, you need to remember that the retailer accommodates all users even though they don't have Amazon Prime access.

Always be on the lookout for potential restocks in the next few weeks. Be an early bird so you won't miss the restock wave at a particular time.

Very Xbox Series X Restock

Besides Xbox Series X supplies, this retailer also offers gaming add-ons, games, and exclusive Game Pass membership. Make sure to go to this shop for a chance to score the next-gen console.

Argos Xbox Series X Restock

According to Express, Argos recently dropped Xbox Series X consoles aside from the PS5 stock wave. If the supplies sell out quickly, regularly check its website to see the next date of the restock.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Microsoft Store
  • Currys
  • John Lewis 
  • The Game Collection

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