FSD Beta
(Photo : David von Diemar from Unsplash)

Tesla's FSD Beta does not only detect cars but also people and crew in a drive-thru lane when ordering at a fast-food restaurant, and this has been shown by a beta tester shared via social media. The feature of the FSD shows a highly advanced way of detecting even people with the tech, something that Elon Musk thinks is a "miracle."

Tesla FSD Can Detect People in a Drive-Thru Lane When Ordering

A Tesla FSD Beta tester named Alex Lim has shown that the full self-driving feature of the company can also detect people or the crew in a fast-food restaurant's drive-thru facility. The feat shows a highly technological feature of the FSD, something that makes it capable of fulfilling everyday needs, including that of a snack run.

The feature is helpful for a lot of reasons and not just for drive-thru capabilities, as it can correctly identify cars, differentiate them from people and other elements found on the road. The footage also shows that it helps in bringing several focuses of the company to improving its technology for a soon wide public release for Tesla EVs.

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Elon Musk Thinks Fixing a McFlurry Machine is a 'Miracle'

On a side note, there has been a joke that a user has brought up and shared with the Tesla CEO on Twitter, saying that despite the endless wonders of technology, a McDonald's McFlurry machine is still broken all the time. Here, the multi-billionaire responds that this is a "miracles are beyond us" type of thing, referring to the broken machine on the fast-food restaurant chain.

Tesla's FSD Beta and its Tech Advancements

Tesla's FSD Beta has a lot of features and functions that it brings to the public, and with its current version 10.4 and an upcoming v10.5, the future of autonomous technology is improving. A lot of people have commended the FSD for its advanced features that help in the everyday needs and drive, also seeing people that are nearby.

FSD Beta
(Photo : David von Diemar from Unsplash)

The FSD is currently using the camera for its sensors and radar for its technology to see, now in the transition of using "Pure Vision" that utilizes the car's all-around cameras for detecting said presence around the car. The all-seeing and all-knowing camera system of Tesla is a new addition to the FSD, but it is said to detect better than radar and see more for the car for its driving systems.

The FSD Beta has a lot of tech advancements in the present now, and it does not stop there because it still has a lot to learn, going alongside the company's Dojo and neural network that would help in learning. The future is autonomous for Tesla, having its FSD as one of the top contenders for self-driving features to help in everyday functions like the drive-thrus and more.

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