The anticipated "Halo" TV series is officially confirmed in The Game Awards 2021, having a release date for next year on the streaming platform of Paramount+. Speculations and rumors have surrounded the gaming franchise with a live adaptation of the title but have not been confirmed by 343 Industries and Xbox before this official reveal.

'Halo' TV Series is a Go for 2022, Streaming on Paramount+

The Game Awards takes the opportunity to confirm the popular game that turns into a TV series, with 343 Industries' "Halo," streaming soon in 2022. The platform for which Halo will be released is on Paramount+, the same studio with which it has partnered for the production of the series, as well as its release to the public.

The series comes alongside the release of "Halo Infinite" and the 20th anniversary of the game since its release in 2001. According to IMDb, the series would be led by Pablo Schreiber, a Canadian-American actor known for his action roles in "Den of Thieves (2018)," "13 Hours," "Orange Is the New Black," and more.

The series would have a total of nine episodes on its 2022 release.

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'Halo' TV Series' New Clip from The Game Awards

The new clip that confirms the existence of the "Halo" TV series is a teaser clip for the game, inviting people to its first look trailer reveal that would be available by Thursday, December 9. The Game Awards would also showcase the new trailer for the game, and it would release by 5 PM PT (8 PM ET or 1 AM GMT).

"Halo's" TV Series is shaping up to be one of the top anticipated releases soon on the awards show, particularly with its many fans and franchise followers. 

'Halo' What to Expect on the New Series?

The first "official" teaser trailer of "Halo's" TV series was doubted by fans and gamers to be the "official" one for the game, especially as it has been under tight-knit secrecy on its production. Nevertheless, there have been massive speculations for its on-screen adaptation, making the Master Chief and his soldiers humanized in the series.

And while the series is not yet coming to look into the plot of "Halo Infinite," it would focus on the original story of the game that has captured the hearts and interest of gamers through the years. The critically acclaimed title will focus on Master Chief John-117 and the group of Spartans that are super-soldiers on a quest to battle The Covenant.

Of course, the game would not be complete without their trusty AI companion, Cortana, which would lead the team to victory and missions that would test their skills, integrity, and dedication to the mission. "Halo" TV series will have its first look trailer on Thursday, December 9, which would then reveal more about the story of this military unit.

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