Twitter has announced that it is testing an overhaul to the process of reporting harmful tweets. The new process has been described as simplified as well as a human-first design. 

The changes in the reporting process are currently being tested by a small group of users in the United States. 

The overhauled reporting process involves Twitter asking the user what happened first instead of expecting the user to interpret the harmful behavior or the violation made by a certain tweet. 

The reporting process is not the only change that has been recently made in the social media company. At the end of last month, Parag Agrawal was named as the new CEO of Twitter after Jack Dorsey stepped down. Agrawal has since made changes to the company, including the addition of new general managers. 

Twitter is Testing a New Tweet Reporting Process

Twitter is testing out an overhauled process of reporting harmful tweets

"Based on user feedback, research, and an understanding that today's reporting process wasn't making enough people feel safe or heard, the company decided to do something about it," Twitter said in a blog post. 

The overhauled reporting process seeks to make it easier to report harmful behavior. According to a report by The Verge, it is currently being tested among a small group of users in the United States. 

"It lifts the burden from the individual to be the one who has to interpret the violation at hand," said Twitter in its blog post. What the changed process does instead is to ask the user what happened. Twitter describes the new process as "symptoms-first." 

Twitter hopes that the improvements it is making in the reporting system will result in better quality reports against harmful tweets. This is because it will be easier for the company to be more precise in dealing with a reported tweet. 

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Twitter's New CEO

The reporting system is not the only thing that is new with Twitter. Even the company's CEO is now different. 

Parag Aragwal is now the Twitter CEO after Jack Dorsey stepped down from his post last month. In his first public interview since becoming CEO, Agrawal said that he wants Twitter to move a lot faster than it did in the past, according to a separate report by The Verge

Aragwal has already reorganized Twitter "under the key pillars of Consumer, Revenue, and Core Tech, with a general manager running each division," per the report. 

A new Vice President of Operations, Lindsey Iannucci has also been announced along with new general managers. 

Twitter also recently announced the acquisition of a messaging app called Quill, which is seen to improve direct messaging (DM) on Twitter. Agrawal has said that the opportunity surrounding DMs "is really key." 

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