Nintendo Switch games take players to the next level with adrenaline-pumping titles to spruce up the entertainment and complete one's gaming experience. However, people can still enjoy to chill and relax with several games. The experience will be cathartic as it will take it down a notch and help people enjoy the small and big things.

5 Best Nintendo Switch Games to Chill and Relax With

Why not take up things down a notch and enjoy the little things? The Nintendo Switch offers games that may be toned down, but it does not hurt to free the mind and relax it for some time.

Add another resolution to your New Year's list and calm it down a bit. Keep those adrenaline levels low and enjoy life as it passes by slowly but entertainingly on your gaming time.

'Stardew Valley'

The 2017 game that focuses on a farm simulation pixel game, "Stardew Valley," is as chill as it gets. Eric Barone's simple game gives more to gamers than what meets the eye, and it is not initially realized when getting to know it at first.

Life on a farm is indeed slow and relaxing, and this applies to "Stardew Valley" and its whole narrative and game art. Take a chill pill and enjoy the little things in life like catching a chicken, growing crops, and expanding one's farm with the upgrades available in the simulation.

The game even has mods from Studio Ghibli's "My Neighbor Totoro," all about friendship, love, family, and hope.


A cozy, management game about dying is as tranquil as it gets, and "Spiritfarer" offers it to many gamers, focusing on the transition to the afterlife as a boat farer that crosses the spiritual and magical waters.

The game focuses on Stella, a successor of the deceased spiritfarer, who takes on the journey and challenge to build a boat, create her life, live among the spirits, and travel the seas.

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'Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles'

Restore nature's beauty and balance as "Murks" cloud up the regions in this adventure game. "Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles" gives players a new experience of saving the world and being a hero to the peaceful land of Gemea.

'Ori and the Blind Forest'

Action-platformer without the thrills and suspense? "Ori and the Blind Forest" takes a hero on a quest and saves the land of Nibel from sinister forces. The game features hand-painted artworks and animation, a matching score, and features that will take gamers on a journey to a relaxing plane.

'New Pokemon Snap'

The "New Pokemon Snap" is here, and it brings a different experience from the original release of Nintendo. The game still focuses on a photographer who journeys the land of creatures co-existing, without the need to capture, train, or battle them to gain friendship.

Evolution in the game seems to be non-existent, but several gamers claim to have seen this in the experience.

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