Powercast joined the CES 2022 with an announcement about its batteryless products through the company's radio-frequency (RF) technology. The firm looks forward to creating more sustainable designs that could serve as environment-friendly items for the people.

The RF wireless power provider promotes its electronic devices that won't pose any harm to nature. Through its RF-based rechargeable batteries, disposing batteries will not be thrown away in the landfills anymore.

Powercast 3D Medical Monitoring Wearables

CES 2022: Powercast Introduces New Set of Battery-less Products Including 3D Printed Wearables and More
(Photo : Powercast)
Custom-made 3D printed flexible wearables monitor biomedical signals for at-home diagnosis and athletic training, developed by University of Arizona researchers, wirelessly powered by Powercast.

From the official CES release, Powercast CEO Charles Goetz said that the company has already seen many products that rely on over-the-air RF wireless power capability. As they observed the high demand for environment-friendly products, they decided to create suitable designs that would rid batteries out of dumping sites.

For instance, Powercast incorporated its wireless power technology to the discreet wearables from the researchers based at the University of Arizona. According to the announcement, these devices could charge all day, and they could be worn anywhere on the body for a long time.

A person could use them for several months to monitor health aspects, including their diseases. Moreover, these printable wearables could also be used to boost the athletic training of athletes.

To improve the accuracy of detecting body changes, attached sensors could accurately monitor minute alterations. The devices, for example, utilize temperature sensors to see even the slightest movement in the trend of body temperature.

In doing so, a person could place a Powercaster wireless charger in a location where they rest or work. Since it's an over-the-air product, there's no problem recharging it.

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Powercast Battery-less Robotic Price-Changing System

CES 2022: Powercast Introduces New Set of Battery-less Products Including 3D Printed Wearables and More
(Photo : Powercast )
Robotic price-changing system: Badger’s LiDAR-guided autonomous robots with RFID readers wirelessly update prices on Powercast’s batteryless electronic shelf labels (ESLs), saving time/money/batteries.

Another product showcased during the CES tech show 2022 was the all-around robotic price-changing system. The device aims to save more time and batteries by improving the overall efficiency of the technology in its operations.

Together with Badger Technologies, the collaboration produced the Robotic RFID Reader and Batteryless Immortal ESL Autonomous Price Changing System will give the user a real-time update during shopping. To add, this is also useful in avoiding tedious battery replacement and even issues regarding battery disposal.

Since no batteries are needed for this product, Powercast's RF direct current (DC) power harvesting technology will take care of the business. This easily collects power from RFID readers installed on the robots.

It's also mentioned during the press release that the robots could safely avoid people through LiDAR's detecting ability. With this invention, the machines could now move 24/7 from one store to another to autonomously evaluate the change in the price of a certain product.

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