E3 2022 is still choosing to go on the virtual stage instead of what CES 2022 observed with its live shows for people to attend and join. COVID-19's threat is still here, much more so with the highly infectious Omicron variant that predominantly affects humans despite being vaccinated against the virus and the many health guideline observations. 

E3 2022: Online Celebration, Virtual Stage for This Year's Event

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Gaming fans attend the 24th Electronic Expo, or E3 2018 in Los Angeles, California on June 13, 2018, where hardware manufacturers, software developers and the video game industry present their new games between June 12-14.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) or E3's organizer told Venture Beat that it would not opt for a live event, unlike CES 2022. This is because the Omicron variant is still rampant in its spread throughout the country, with many falling ill due to the virus strain. 

Nevertheless, the event would still follow its setup for an online showcase of the different titles soon to the public. 

The E3 2022 Expo event is now open to signup for its newsletter and invitations, bringing news and updates regarding the event. People can opt to subscribe to the email updates to receive additional information about the possibilities to unfold. 

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E3 2022: COVID-19 is Still the Reason for Remote Setup

The first year of the pandemic canceled E3 2020, but it caught around for the next year to bring the event to take place. E3 2021 was the first to focus on a remote setup, with only the organization's second time for this event. 

Nevertheless, COVID-19 is still the dark horse that keeps the event from functioning deliberately.

The young audience will make up E3, especially as it appeals to games. ESA's decision is ideal as it keeps the children at home will not opt-in to travel towards the expo. 

The Previous E3 Showcases

E3 is one of the events where developers and publishers come together and drop massive news regarding games that will release soon. Moreover, this event can potentially make or break a game, meaning that it could turn out to be a crowd favorite or a flop among gamers, especially if the release is not that good. 

Last E3 saw the release of the Xbox's "Halo Infinite" and "Starfield," two of the top releases by Microsoft last year, and was massive for gamers when they got the chance to try it. Game conventions and events bring out people's playfulness, with some opting to cosplay or dress up as their favorite characters, pre-pandemic. 

The popular games event is best known for bringing the top names to showcase their new titles and upcoming projects in the show. It brings a notion for all the introduced games in E3, and these games gain instant fame as people trust the event a lot, being a good source for the hottest titles in the industry. 

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