Multiplayer Online Beta Arena (MOBA) players are currently rising in number as new games in that genre are being released by giant title creators. 

Worst MOBA Players' Worst In-Game Habits 2022! Change These Playing Activities to Improve Your Gameplay
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Competitors play video games on monitors during the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit event June 8, 2007 at the Meadowlands Expo Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Over 2,500 pro and amateur gamers from across North America have converged onto the Meadowlands Expo Center to compete in the games Halo 2, Rainbow Six Vegas, and Gears of War.

Meanwhile, Riot Games, Moonton, and other popular MOBA game publishers are further enhancing their titles to offer a better gaming experience. 

New heroes, items, cosmetics, and other in-game content can definitely help improve your play style and standing in your favorite multiplayer games. However, all these will be useless if you still maintain your negative habits. 

Worst MOBA Players' In-Game Habits 2022

ScreenRant reported that there are some not-so-helpful in-game practices that players have been doing for the past years. Here are the specific gaming habits you definitely need to change this 2022: 

Worst MOBA Players' Worst In-Game Habits 2022! Change These Playing Activities to Improve Your Gameplay
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In this photograph taken on September 20, 2017, an eSports gamer plays League of Legends during training for the League of Legends World Championship at a boot camp in Shanghai. - Once dismissed as the pursuit of teens and introverts, eSports is growing fast towards being a billion-dollar industry and has a huge fanbase, especially in Asia.

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  • The first one is using a single hero to ensure wins. Yes, there are some players who are still doing this right now. These include Boxbox, an Asian "LoL" player that only uses one hero, Riven. This may be a great advantage since you already know your character very well, but you can still be countered easily since you no longer have other alternative heroes.
  • The second one is getting greedy when it comes to kills. Remember, most MOBA games are not aiming for most kills. You need to focus on the main objective and end the match quickly to avoid comebacks. 
  • Aside from being kill-greedy and relying on one champion, you also need to avoid copying professional players. This may be helpful for newbies, but once you mature in playing "League of Legends" or other MOBA games, you must create your own playing technique. 
  • The last one is relying on item guides too much. Yes, "LoL" and other MOBA games offer a build-path for your hero's correct item. However, it is important to remember how to counter the builds of your enemies so that you can have a great advantage in clashes.  

Best MOBA Games 2022

Now that you know the negative in-game habits you need to change, here are some of the best MOBA titles you must try this 2022. 

The list below is provided by Gamer Tweak. If you want to know specific details about the mentioned games, you can visit this link.

  • "Mobile Legends Bang Bang"
  • "Arena Of Valor"
  • "Heroes of Order and Chaos"
  • "Onmyoji Arena"
  • "League of Legends: Wild Rift"
  • "Vainglory"
  • "Marvel Super War"
  • "Heroes Arena"
  • "Brawl Stars"
  • "Battle Bay"

In other news, Steam achieved a new feat this 2022, recording around 28 million all-new concurrent players. Meanwhile, the "PUBG" free-to-play update is expected to offer some freebies. 

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