The original "Prince of Persia" is now playable on the Apple Watch! With that, the classic 1989 game can't really be downloaded but rather played through Safari on the smartwatch.

'Prince of Persia' Now Playable on the Apple Watch

According to the story by XDA-developers, "Prince of Persia" is known as a classic game that was initially released back in 1989. With that, the game remains loved by a lot of original and new fans of the franchise despite it being quite outdated.

As per the publication, the game being playable on the Apple Watch came as a surprise since the WatchOS still supports it without users needing to install other additional apps. Smartwatch users can indeed play the original "Prince of Persia" game directly from their risks through the use of the Apple Watch's browser, Safari.

How to Play Prince of Persia on the Apple Watch Via Safari

Safari, however, isn't an independent app on the WatchOS, which means that users will still need to email or maybe iMessage the link of the online game in order for them to play it on their device.

As per IGN, a certain user named Oliver Klemenz tweeted out that the original "Prince of Persia" game runs "just fine" on the smartwatch and supports touch control. With that, to play the game, all users have to do is email or text themselves this link:


Why Does 'Prince of Persia' Work on the Apple Watch?

Users will then have to open either the Mail or Messages app on their Apple Watch and click on the link in order to start playing it. Safari on the WatchOS will then automatically load the game and users can play it straight from their wrist as seen in the video that was tweeted out.

Playing "Prince of Persia" on the Apple Watch, however, isn't as surprising as some users might think it to be. As per XDA-Developers, this is because the game runs in JavaScript which makes it very accessible through any web browser and playable on multiple devices like one's phone.

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Potential for Other JavaScript Games to be Playable on Wearables

In addition, some users have also shared that the game works on other wearables aside from the Apple Watch. These include wearables from their South Korean-competitor, Samsung, with their smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 3 as noted by the user J.D. on Twitter.


With the logic of JavaScript games being playable on certain wearables like the Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch 3, this could open a door for more games to be playable on smartwatches. As of the moment, however, there isn't much buzz as to what other games are playable on the smartwatch.

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