Google Nest Hub and Google Assistant Smart Displays are used by people to play white noise to help them sleep better.

However, earlier this week, the tech giant changed the white noise ambient sound, and there has been a massive backlash from the users because of it.

Google Changes White Noise Sound for Nest Hub

The report regarding the new sound was first posted on Jan. 12, Wednesday. On Jan. 15, Saturday, the updated white noise sound had been rolled out to all users, according to 9to5Google.

A lot of users are now complaining that the new white noise is quieter and muffed. They also noticed the noise loops every 10 minutes instead of the original hourly loop.

The ambient sounds can go on for 12 hours if it is not disabled by the sleep timer. The second-generation Google Nest Hub has a great auto-off capability that automatically turns off the ambient sound when the user falls asleep.

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Since the change, more than 100 complaints have been posted on the Google Nest Community and on Reddit.

One user even uploaded the original version of the noise to Google Drive, with some of them asking that the file be uploaded to YouTube Music as an option.

Some users are hoping that Google will provide get the original audio back as an option and make it accessible on Google Assistant. Users can leave their feedback about the change in the Google Home app or on the Google Home webpage.

Google offers 13 different ambient noises, and users choose the ones that suit them best. Google has relaxing sounds, forest sounds, nature sounds, country night sounds, ocean sounds, water sounds, rain sounds, running water sounds, river sounds, babbling brook sounds, thunderstorm sounds, oscillating fan sounds, fireplace sounds, and white noise.

Google Meet on Nest Hub

Aside from changing the white noise sound, Google has also made some changes on the Nest Hub screen for Google Meet users, according to Engadget.

The Google Workspace was updated in 2021, and the Companion Mode for Nest Hub and other Google Meet hardware has finally rolled out.

Companion Mode adds a second screen to Google Meet to support the change towards hybrid working environments. It also gives easier access to different Google Meet controls for those calling in from shared space.

In the past, employees who called in from a meeting room usually had to wait in turns for control if they wished to do simple things.

The result is that the employees who worked remotely and were summoned into a meeting using their computer or phone were usually more active and visible in meetings than their co-workers at the office, participating in a traditional meeting room set up.

However, due to the addition of Companion Mode, employees will soon get access to the features of Google Meet through Nest Hub and other hardware like Lenovo Tap while still being a part of the meeting.

While the Nest Hub may not be a common sight in meetings today, the new mode could help the tech giant push for more devices to businesses as they adapt to the working arrangements caused by the pandemic.

In order to join a meeting using Companion Mode, you can activate the setting through the green room in Google Meet, or you can use URL:

Among the updates that Google added on Nest Hub was the additional 10 games back in 2020 and the additional app launched on Google Nest Hub that was added last year.

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