The new TikTok "Sleepy Chicken" Challenge is getting a lot of attention, especially from the doctors and medical experts, as they find it can endanger people's health. 

TikTok 'Sleepy Chicken' Challenge Warning! Experts Warn Consumers to Avoid 'Nyquil Chicken' Trend
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This new trend became popular since some individuals claim that it can cure flu and cold. Because of this, people started to make the so-called Nyquil chicken as a remedy to these illnesses.

The sleepy chicken can be cooked by marinating the chicken meat using Nyquil solution, a cold medicine that contains paracetamol with dextromethorphan.

People can easily buy this over-the-counter medication since it is available in many drug stores. Many people were found using half a bottle of Nyquil over their chicken meat.

TikTok 'Sleepy Chicken' Challenge Warning

According to HITC's latest report, the new TikTok Sleepy Chicken trend is quite concerning. Doctors and other medical experts shared their thoughts about this new challenge.

TikTok 'Sleepy Chicken' Challenge Warning! Experts Warn Consumers to Avoid 'Nyquil Chicken' Trend

(Photo : Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
A student chef marinates chicken drumsticks during the Cooking Up Change® Healthy Cooking Contest national finals May 21, 2012 at the Education Department in Washington, DC. Six high school culinary teams from across the country competed in the contest, hosted by Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC), which "challenges students to create a great-tasting lunch that meets nutrition standards on a tight budget.

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"The idea that by saturating any food product in a medicine believing that it will provide some novel health benefit or cure is not just stup*d, but incredibly dangerous," said Dr. Jeff Foster, one of the founders of the national medical company H3 Health.

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He added that TikTok users are currently using Nyquil in an incorrect manner since they are not following the recommended doses. The doctor further explained that proper medicine doses are there for a reason.

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Foster also warned that if you marinate a chicken using Nyquil and cook it, the medicine's water and alcohol will quickly evaporate. Once this happens, the meat will be covered by the medicine's concentrated ingredients.

Other Dangerous TikTok Challenges 2022

Aside from the Sleepy Chicken challenge, other TikTok trends can endanger you and the people around you. Parenthology provided some of them: 

  • Baby Swing Challenge (a trend where kids use baby swings that are too small for them, making them stuck) 
  • Dry Scoop Challenge (a trend where users will consume pre-workout powder without dissolving it in water) 
  • Milk Crate Challenge (a trend where people stack milk creates to create a stair. Some videos already showed how participants fell off their milk crate stairs) 

In other news, TikTok users shared their New Year's resolution ideas for 2022. Meanwhile, fictional influencers on TikTok are now becoming popular. 

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