Last week, several iPhone 13 users complained about the missing noise cancellation feature through the Accessibility settings.

The noise-canceling feature is supposed to be available to all iPhones, but it seems like it can no longer be accessed through the newer models.

On Jan. 15, it was confirmed by Apple Support that the feature was not affected by a bug. Instead, it was removed by Apple on iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 Noise-Cancelling Feature is Gone

According to 9to5Mac, a reader shared a conversation that he had with Apple Support on Twitter. The reader, whose name is Steve, said that after working with Apple and a senior advisor for months, he said to wait for an update to fix the problem.

Steve got an update, and apparently, the tech giant won't fix the issue because noise cancellation is now disabled for iPhone 13 without any given reason.

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Since noise cancellation is no longer available on iPhone 13 models, users can no longer see the option in Settings.

9to5Mac reached out to Apple Support to confirm if the feature had been removed from the model, and the latter replied that the feature would no longer be supported and encouraged users to leave feedback through

For users who are not aware of the issue, last year, a Reddit user asked about the noise cancellation feature on his iPhone 13 for phone calls as he noticed that it was not available on the Accessibility page.

Another user said that the Apple forum discussed this back in October, according to Forbes.

No Longer Working on the Issue

The Reddit user said that the toggle to switch off the feature on his phone was no longer available. He asked if the feature had been removed because his voice cuts out when he uses his FaceTime and when he talks through the speaker.

At the time, a specialist posted an article to help those who needed to adjust their phone's audio settings. The issue is that iPhone 13 users can't find the feature.

The noise cancellation feature reduces the ambient background noise on calls, especially when the receiver is near the ear.

Another user, dagocarlito, posted that Apple knows about the issue. He said that iPhone 13 has never had this option with the iOS 15 because of the glitch it causes. He said he talked to Apple Support about it, and it is already a known issue that they tried to work on, but no resolution was given.

The user added that the issue creates problems with echoes, especially on CarPlay when someone is talking between the iPhone 13. Users of the device had asked Apple to fix this major flaw.

Now, it has been confirmed that Apple does not plan to work on this issue since the tech giant does not think removing the feature is a problem.

Apple did not say why they decided to remove the feature and why it does not plan to add it back. As of now, what users can do as an alternative to noise cancellation is to activate the Voice Isolation feature on their phone via the Control Center.

iPhone 13 has had a lot of issues since its release. In 2021, iPhone 13 had problems with frozen screens, and Apple released a workaround.

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