Reddit User Turns His Wife’s Affair Into A Real-Time Soap Opera


Secret meetings, lies and betrayal, cheating wives, Starbucks coffee—this Reddit post has it all. Finding out the love of your life is sending sext messages to another man is devastating. So what better way to get through the pain than by sharing the saga with the world?

After a man suspected his wife was cheating on him, he started a thread on r/tifu giving readers a play-by- play of the action that unfolded. The redditer, who called himself MyLifeSuxNow, suspected something was up after reading text messages between his beautiful wife Jenny and a  mystery man named Zack. After hearing his wife send secret messages in the bathroom and finding out she changed her passwords, this poor husband knew something was up.

What's worse is he believed his brother's wife named Carly was in on it too. The women claimed to be spending a weekend away for girl time so the husbands could enjoy football with the boys. Instead, the husband hired a private investigator to tail the cheating women and hired a divorce lawyer after reading recommendations from the Reddit community.

MyLifeSuxNow provides live updates as he tells his tale that took Reddit by storm for three days. And things get intense. 

The "characters" in the story enjoy long conversation in cars and at Starbucks, and seem to drive around a lot. Then there is the introduction to a second man, only known as "X."

MyLifeSuxNow's worst fears come true when he finds out that Jenny and Carly are both cheating spouses. 

So he tells his brother what is going on and they plan to confront the women. The husband, who claims to be using a throw away account, creates three separate threads, parts 1-3 to tell the modern day soap opera. Parts 2 and 3 consist of the cover-up and lies the women say, the details about the affairs, and of course, one good smack across the face.

Ultimately, the women come clean and the brothers decide on divorce.

While many that commented on the post believed the whole story was fake, the husband writes multiple times that this was in fact true, and if you didn't believe him, just stop reading. He continued to thank the Reddit community for their advice and support.

Those who are looking for a good read can check out the post here; however as of writing this the page says its temporally in read-only mode due to heavy traffic. Parts 2 and 3 of the story have seemed to be removed either for multiple reports of the story being fake, or for other personal reasons. 

Real or fake, there's nothing better than a good story.

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