Make Your Own LEGO Oscar — Here's How


Remember at the Oscars how those dancers ran out into the audience and gave out those amazing LEGO Oscar statues to celebrities during "Everything Is Awesome"?

Admit it: You were totally jealous. And still are.

Especially after seeing how much the celebs went nuts over their yellow brick trophies. Several of them geeked-out when a statue was placed in their hands. Oprah instantly reverted to her childhood and appeared to achieve nerdvana.

And witness the adorableness that is Emma Stone's excitement at receiving hers. (As if we needed another reason to love her.) We hear she clutched it protectively all night long.

To alleviate those pangs of jealousy, one LEGO builder took matters into his own hands and crafted a facsimile that's remarkably close to the original article. (Those were built by the one and only Nathan Sawaya, master builder extraordinaire.)

When our clever builder, who goes by the online handle "IVIuggle," posted a photo of his LEGO Oscar to Reddit and Imgur, he was flooded with requests for how-to instructions. Turns out IVIuggle is an altruistic soul, because he answered the prayers of the masses and posted PDF instructions on how to make a LEGO Oscar of your very own.

He even went the extra mile and posted an LDD file of his build too. For the unaware, "LDD"s are a special kind of file that works with the LEGO Digital Designer app (which can be downloaded here).

Whoever you are, IVIuggle, the LEGO community thanks you.

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