At today's Apple keynote event dedicated to the launch of the Apple Watch, Tim Cook invited HBO's CEO to the stage to make a big announcement: the pay network's new online streaming service, HBO Now, will premiere exclusively on Apple TV.

HBO Now, according to CEO Richard Plepler, will debut on Apple TV before you can get it anywhere else. It will cost, as pundits have long speculated, $14.99 a month — with no cable subscription required. The launch date is April, aka next month, and HBO is throwing in the first month for free. Plepler promised that if you sign up for HBO Now in early April, you'll have it just in time for the April 12, 2015 Season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones.

Don't have an Apple TV? No problem, said Tim Cook. To make the plug-and-play streaming TV device available to as many customers as possible, the price of Apple TV has been dropped from $99 to $69, effective immediately.

HBO Now is HBO's long-awaited Netflix-like service that will allow users to cut the cable cord and watch all of the network's extensive catalog of programming on-demand. It has the potential to supplant the standard HBO subscription on cable altogether.

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