Albuquerque welcomes the attention it gets from fans of the hit TV show Breaking Bad but those interested in walking in Walter White's footsteps are beginning to become a problem, most especially those keen on reenacting the pizza-on-the-roof scene.

Vince Gilligan, the show's creator, took advantage of a Better Call Saul Insider podcast to reach out to Breaking Bad fans, telling them to stop throwing pizzas on the roof of the house they used as Walter White's home in the TV show. The property in Albuquerque is not a prop house and the home has been in the owner's family for 41 years.

"The lady, she and her husband, are the two nicest people in the world and they deserve to be treated well," he said.

"There is nothing original or funny or cool about throwing pizzas on this lady's roof."

Jonathan Banks, who was also being interviewed in the podcast, supported him, adding if he catches anyone doing it, he will hunt them down. Jonathan Banks hunting you down for the rest of your life? That should keep you from throwing pizzas on an old lady's roof.

The pizza-riddled property is also up on Roadtrippers, a road trip-planning site, highlighted as a point of interest in Albuquerque. There, many Breaking Bad fans have shared their delight at coming within just feet of Walter White's house. Several said they couldn't come closer because the old lady was there scowling at them from the drive way. Some have defended the old lady, however, saying she was very accommodating, chatting them up.

Maybe the old lady has moods? If she was being surly, it would be highly understandable as dealing with thousands of people taking pictures outside your home can be tiring. Not to mention the pizzas on the roof!

A comment on the house's Roadtrippers page from who claims to be the owners' daughter clarified that her parents are fine with fans coming by for pictures just as long as neighborhood rules are respected, like no one blocks the driveway or walk on their property. She also reiterated that the family is not interested in selling the home.

Breaking Bad came out in 2008. The Emmy Award-winning TV show starred Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Better Call Saul is a spin-off of Breaking Bad and is also created by Vince Gilligan, with Peter Gould.

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