A stampede of dolphins, three adult whales and a whale calf was recorded by a drone flying over the waters off San Clemente, California.

Dolphins seen in the video are members of a megapod - a community of hundreds or thousands of common dolphins.

The five-minute-long video was conceived and produced by Dave Anderson. He owns Capt Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari of Dana Point, California.

Anderson estimates there were thousand animals of animals seen in the group. They were filmed around six miles from the coast. Southern California has the greatest concentration of dolphins and blue whales in the world, according to the marine photographer. Around 400,000 common dolphins are thought to live in the area.

The DJI Phantom 2 drone was equipped with a GoPro camera. The craft is powered by four propellers to maintain stability. Anderson launched the device by hand from an inflatable boat, as he followed the megapod on 16 January. This put the naturalist in significant danger while photographing the animals. He could of easily become injured from the propellers or falling overboard. Still, it sounds like Captain Dave has no regrets.

"This is the most beautiful and compelling five minute video I have ever put together. I learned so much about these whales and dolphins from this drone footage that it feels like I have entered a new dimension!" Anderson told AOL.

Among the migrating marine mammals, we see a mother whale and her calf approach the boat, to investigate the visitor.

In January, Anderson experienced a drone crash when a vehicle struck a 14-foot-tall radio antenna on his boat. The flying camera then crashed into the water, and started sinking. Anderson dove into the water, fully clothed, to retrieve the film.

"I get so nervous every flight over the water now, after the accident, my hands start shaking. My wife says no more drones if I lose this one. But she said that before I lost the other one. Now that she's seen what it can do, I think she's just as hooked as I am," Captain Dave said.

Anderson believes drone technology may soon change marine biology in many of the same ways as underwater cameras.

As drones become less expensive, they are also becoming more popular. Drones that cost tens of thousands of dollars just a few years ago are becoming more affordable to small businesses and individuals. This is causing a backlash from some activists, who want to see similar drones banned over privacy issues.

Watch the stunning new video below.

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