If there is one thing Samsung is not afraid of, it's bashing its competitors, even when those same devices are emblazoned with the Apple logo.

Samsung's latest video for its Galaxy Pro series of tablets takes on, actually simply dismisses, the iPad, Microsoft Surface and Kindle as being little more than wannabe tablets.

Samsung's hatchet job on the iPad pokes fun at its inability to handle productivity tasks, while the Amazon Kindle is basically laughed at for being nothing but an eReader. Perhaps the most biting remarks were saved for the Surface. The video wonders that if a tablet that needs a keyboard, mouse and battery brick can even be called a tablet.

This is not Samsung's first trip down this road. A recent commercial puts the Galaxy tablet head-to-head with the iPad showing how the Samsung product is thinner and has a higher resolution screen. The Korean company went after not only the iPhone 5 several years ago giving it the thumbs down compared to the already released Galaxy S2. Even more bold was that Samsung had the audacity to make fun of Apple's customers as they stood in line waiting to pick up their phone.

Samsung has also gone over the line in its attempts to make others look bad. Last year, it was fined $340,000 by the Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission for hiring college students to bash HTC phones on product review sites.

Samsung is also not alone in attempting to make its competitors look foolish. Microsoft took its paddle to Google, gave Samsung a dose of its own medicine and took on Apple with a series of ads.

The Samsung attack was pretty straight forward comparison of features, but the Google ads were special. In one "Scroogled", Microsoft indicated that Google was a dictatorship and another used the Pawn Stars reality show crew who essentially said a Google Chromebook was a worthless brick that allowed its users to be tracked by Google.

Here is the video. And yes, it's more than a bit ironic that it is on the Google-owned YouTube.

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