If you work in an office, then you probably are no stranger to multitasking. You are constantly reading and sending emails, working on spreadsheets, entering things into Google Calendar — all while moving in between Internet tabs to check our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

On a busy day, you may feel like your hands are getting quite a workout between typing, clicking, scrolling and dragging your finger on a trackpad. But there are lots of keyboard shortcuts that will not only give your hands the break they need, but also cut the time to takes to complete a task, thus increasing your work productivity.

So master the art of multitasking with these tips with these keyboard hacks for Windows PCs and Mac that will help make your work life easier.

New Window And Tabs In Chrome And Firefox

If you use Chrome or Firefox as your web browser of choice, there are keyboard shortcuts for both Macs and PCs that will allow you to open new windows or tabs. Press COMMAND + N for a new window on a Mac, and CONTROL+ N  for a PC. Hit COMMAND/CONTROL + T to create a new tab. To move from tab to tab on both, press CONTOL + TAB.

Gmail Hacks

With its 500 million users, it's safe to say that you probably use Gmail for work or private use. There are a few Gmail hacks to help you manage and send emails in the quickest way possible.

After signing in, navigate your main Gmail window by hitting G then I on the keyboard to go to your inbox. Click G then S to start a conversation; G then D will go to drafts; and G then C will open your contacts.

C will allow you to compose a new email. Cc recipients in the message by using COMMAND/CONTROL + SHIFT + C. To Bcc recipients, hit COMMAND/SHIFT + B.

When sorting through emails, you can go back and forward a page so you don't have to use your mouse by using ALT + LEFT ARROW or ALT + RIGHT ARROW.

When composing an email, you can jump in between inputs both forward and backwards by using TAB or SHIFT +TAB.

To hyperlink in an email, highlight the text and hit CONTROL/COMMAND + K and you will be able to paste in the link URL.

Google Calendar Shortcuts

Adding new events like scheduled meetings into your Google Calendar can be time consuming. Save time by using these Google Calendar shortcuts. All you have to do it hit C to create a new event. To show the day, week or month, just hit D, W, M. If you are looking to search for an event, simply hit / to open a search box.

Want to know what day each holiday lands on so you know which days your office may be closed? Hit S to open the Settings, click on the Calendars tab, and then Browse interesting calendars. You will be able to subscribe to any that interest you so they pop up on that date.

Quick Search

If you are researching a topic and are in a time crunch, you can easily search for keywords by using a keyboard shortcut that works in both a webpage or text document. When Mac users hit COMMAND + F at the same time, to the bottom left a search field will appear. Type in the keywords where it says Find in page followed by ENTER and all those words will become highlighted. PC users should hit CONTROL + F.

Mac users can also use the Spotlight search by hitting COMMAND + SPACEBAR, and typing in what they are looking for and all files, emails, contacts, webpages, music from iTunes, etc., will show up related to that search.

Word Processor Hacks

These hacks apply to most word processing programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. In general, to copy and paste text for a Mac, hit COMMAND + C, COMMAND + V. To cut, use COMMAND + X. PC users can do the same by hitting CONTROL + C, CONTROL + V to copy and paste, and CONTROL + X to cut.

To make text bold, use COMMAND + B for Mac, CONTROL + B for PC. To italicize text, use COMMAND/CONTROL + I, and to underline text, use COMMAND/CONTROL + U.

When saving your document, press COMMAND + S for Mac and CONTROL + S for PC.

Screenshot Shortcuts

To capture a screenshot on a Mac, hit SHIFT + COMMAND + 4. Click your mouse and create a box to snap that text or image. You can also save an entire screen by hitting SHIFT + COMMAND + 3 on a Mac, and WINDOW + PRINT SCREEN on a Windows PC.

Facebook And Twitter Tips

Now that you increased your work flow productivity, it's OK to check Facebook or Twitter during your lunch hour. You can still save some time between bites by using these social media shortcut tips.

You can scroll through your news feeds on both Facebook and Twitter without using your mouse by hitting J to scroll down and K to go back up.

On Facebook, you can like a post by hitting L, share it with S, and comment with C, but only after you have clicked on that story. Open the status update box by hitting P on Facebook or hit N to create a new tweet on Twitter. R will allow you to reply to a tweet and T will retweet that post.

Shutdown Shortcuts

At the end of the day, shutdown your computer immediately by pressing CONTROL + OPTION + COMMAND + EJECT on a Mac, and SHIFT + TAB +TAB + SPACE on a Windows PC.

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