Paint Around Galaxy S6 Edge Camera Ring Easily Peels Off [Video]


A new report claims there could be a paint peeling issue with the Samsung Galaxy 6S Edge, but it may well be an isolated event given it's a sole complaint at this point.

A Greek tech blog has posted the video shown below, which indicates paint is peeling from around the backside camera lens. It's a bit hard to decipher, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 device owner is shown rubbing the area around the camera to illustrate his complaint.

Feedback from readers is scant, with no one else chiming in and reporting such an issue.

The report, though, does come on the heels of several other complaints regarding Samsung's latest next-generation smartphones.

As Tech Times reported, Galaxy S6 owners have posted online several problems since the handset arrived in the market.

One report focuses on a camera flash issue and was initially reported in an XDA Developers forum. It seems that even if the camera is not in use, the flash LED may not fully turn off and will remain dimly lit. Some users also report the flash LED stays on even when the smartphone is actually off.

During the preorder period, those buying the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge from AT&T were likely dismayed to hear about a possible packaging snafu that interfered with the device turn-on functionality. An AT&T staff sent out a screenshot of a memo written by AT&T about a "packaging procedure" that could result in the smartphone not turning on once unpacked from a box. It seems that getting packaged somehow turned the phone on, which meant the battery drained while in the box. It's just a matter of consumers charging the device once it's unpacked.

Prior to the packaging issue being acknowledged, there was also some concern that the Samsung smartphones may be a bit bendable due to the thin form factor. Apple suffered a similar issue in 2014, which resulted in the media #Bendgate frenzy. A test by a warranty firm supposedly shows the Galaxy S6 Edge bends then shatters. The "test" reportedly indicated that the Galaxy S6 Edge was damaged at 149 pounds. The iPhone 6 Plus, however, supposedly went on until 179 pounds.

In all of the issues that have cropped up, however, none have been exacerbating or widespread, and the issues appear to be isolated incidents that should be taken with some amount of suspicion.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, nevertheless, is a video that claims to show how indestructible the Samsung Galaxy S6 truly is, especially its display, which is made from Gorilla Glass.

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