Best Ways To Improve Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life


Users have been complaining of issues with the Samsung Galaxy S6's battery life ever since the smartphone made its way to the market.

Here's a look at some simple methods to improve the flagship Samsung smartphone's 2,500 mAh battery life.

1. Switch Off VoLTE

Users in regions where VoLTE support is enabled for the Galaxy S6 would do well to switch off the function. Why? A bug in the firmware causes VoLTE to drain the battery of the Galaxy S6. While you're at it, ensure you turn off Smart Switch as well.

Navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi > Smart network switch > Off.

2. Disable Bloatware

Even though Samsung claims it has reduced unrequired features and bloatware on the TouchWiz UI by 30 percent, the Galaxy S6 still packs in sufficient bloatware. Disabling these unnecessary services and apps will aid in improving the smartphone's battery life.

Navigate to Settings > Applications > Application Manager. Next, click on the app you wish to disable and select Disable.

3. Go For Black Wallpaper

Another effective way of reducing battery drainage on your Galaxy S6 is by using a black wallpaper because the smartphone's AMOLED screen is power hungry.

Download a black wallpaper then navigate to Settings > Personal > Wallpaper > From Gallery. Next, select the black wallpaper and set it as your choice.

4. Opt For Power Saving Mode

The Galaxy S6 packs in the Power Saving mode and Ultra Power Saving mode. Using either of these options will allow the device to last longer.

The Power Saving mode basically reduces the smartphone's vibration, CPU speed, brightness of screen, and display frame rate automatically, so that the battery life increases. This feature can be deployed if you're starting your day and know that you're going to be on the move and usage will be quite heavy throughout the day.

The Ultra Power Saving mode, on the other hand, comes in handy when the Galaxy S6's battery is close to draining out and the user has a while to go before they can get hold of a charger. Switching to the Ultra Power Saving mode in such a scenario enables the battery to last for nearly 24 hours on just a 10 percent charge. However, usage is limited. One cannot run third-party apps when in this mode.

Navigate to Settings > Battery > Tap menu button and select either the Ultra Power Saving or Power Saving mode option.

5. Switch Off Unnecessary Features & Apps

Simply turn off apps and features that consume battery and are not in use all the time, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Smart Lock, NFC, GPS, Sync, Location, Google Now, and the like.

6. Go For Grayscale

Turning on grayscale on your Galaxy S6 will also aid in preserving battery life since the phone will consume less power. To do this, tap on the home button three times for reduced power consumption.

Navigate to Settings > Availability > Direct access > Turn Gray Scale on.

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