It's pretty much a given these days that whenever a highly anticipated movie releases a new trailer, it's going to get remade by fans.

There are all sorts of mediums available for remaking trailers. LEGO is a favorite of fan-film makers, but several other methods are used — including shot-for-shot live action remakes, animated remakes, and more.

No version scratches the nostalgia itch like an 8- or 16-bit remake. The one you're about to see is far from perfect. The pixels vary wildly in size, making a few scenes unrecognizable. And some others are obviously photos from the real trailer that have been run through a mosaic filter in Photoshop. The videos that speak to the old-school gamer in us are the ones that shift the perspective to something resembling a side-scroller and use actual animation.

Take a look.

What do you think? Not bad, right? Fans putting time and effort into expressing their fandom in a creative medium — that's something that ought to be celebrated. And we have to give this trailer from Noober Goober Gaming a few extra points for using the old LucasArts.

Still, you'd be forgiven for feeling a little jaded by all these predictable remakes. So far, we've had the LEGO remake, the Grand Theft Auto V remake and even a papercraft remake. Now we have the requisite 16-bit version.

What does that leave? Cats?

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