The culture of hairstyling just got "techier" with the newly launched R+Co Education app, which targets clients and hairstylists.

R+Co is a collective of well-known, cutting-edge hair industry experts - Howard McLaren, Thom Priano and Garren - who are known for their rule-bending personalities. So, what makes their newest creation unique?

"The biggest difference is in our holistic approach," says Reuben Carranza, president of R+Co, when we spoke with him. "This integrated approach is completely different from the product knowledge apps that have been the standard in the industry." While many personal care apps exist, this one addresses the needs of both the client and the hairstylist.

Communication Is Key

As in any relationship, clear communication is essential between a hairstylist and client. Typically, the biggest complaint after an appointment at the salon involves some sort of miscommunication that leads to disastrous results (think: this is when this writer's accidental pineapple-shaped mullet cut was born).

According to Carranza, this app allows both parties to engage before, during and after their appointment. "It enhances communication in the salon and lets clients feel like they're bringing their stylist home with them."


Numbers Game

Content is everywhere and can be found at any time in modern culture. "People are now more connected than ever, and we live in a 24/7 environment," says Carranza. Yet when it comes to hairstyling and personal care, content may not be coming from a trained expert. Via the app, consumers have round-the-clock access to customized product prescriptions, how-to videos and looks they can recreate on their own. Hairstylists can log on to find education and exclusive, curated content.

Added Value

A salon visit is an investment, one that involves time and money for both parties involved. App users can flip through a lookbook of multiple haircuts and styles, determine which works best with their features and lifestyle and find tips and instructions.

Once the client checks out at the appointment, the front desk staff will already have a list of recommended products waiting for the client. After the appointment, an email arrives with before and after images, product suggestions, step-by-step styling tips and videos showing how to use each product purchased.

Hairstylists can use the app to guide client consultations and foster better communication to truly understand what the client wants. They can also find on-demand access to full-length education classes, cutting and styling techniques and inspirational reference points from the R+Co team.

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