The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is by most accounts a great game — but it's not without some problems. Leave it to the PC gaming community to already be hard at work developing mods for the game to improve visuals, gameplay and more.

Or, in this case, spawning horrifying glitches that appear to melt non-playable characters' faces off.

That's what will happen when players install a particular game mod that un-attaches the game's camera from its usual position behind Geralt. Turns out when you aren't actually looking at the various NPCs in the game, they aren't overly concerned with their appearance — letting their faces drip or sometimes fall off entirely. The only NPC who doesn't seem affected is Roach, Geralt's horse.

Seriously, this is Raiders of the Lost Ark levels of face-melting. Eyes, noses and sometimes even entire heads are grotesquely stretched or in some cases disappear completely. It's almost as horrifying as some of the glitches seen in Assassin's Creed Unity. Almost.

You can watch the video from Tyrannicon below for a full dose of nightmare fuel. Pretty freaky stuff, but perhaps even freakier is what comes at the very end of the video.

Turns out Geralt is actually a Ken doll. For a game with so many sex scenes and topless women, it seeps like a cop-out on CD Projekt Red's part not to include Geralt's manhood. Sorry ladies, but Geralt is indeed 100 percent sterile. At least that fits nicely into the lore.

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