PlayStation Dashes Backwards Compatibility Hopes, Not Following Xbox One


Just because Xbox One announced that it's offering backwards compatibility in Microsoft's press conference at E3, doesn't mean that Sony will follow suit with PlayStation.

In fact, PlayStation Europe president and CEO Jim Ryan dashed any hopes of PS4 offering a similar backwards compatibility, while speaking with the Market for Computer & Video Games (MCV) on Tuesday.

"We are just taking two different approaches," Ryan told MCV about the contrasting strategies between Microsoft and Sony. "Unfortunately there are just not sufficent enough software engineers in the world for everyone to do everything. Each platform holder has to make their choices, we made one and they made another," he continued.

"Their choice is entirely legitimate, and I think our choice is legitimate, too. In some ways, it is quite nice to have points of difference between the two platforms, and people will decide which approach suits them best."

It's not like PlayStation hasn't dabbled with backwards compatibility, though.

"We have experience of backwards compatibility," Ryan added. "The earliest PS3 model was backwards compatible with PS2, and it is a much requested feature, but actually it's not so greatly used. On balance, we are happy with our approach and we don't wish to be defensive about it at all. But as I say, both approaches are legitimate."

It remains to be seen how the backwards compatibility option will work for Microsoft, which has already released a list of Xbox 360 games you can play on Xbox One.

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