Kumdang-2 is a wonder drug able to cure cancer, AIDS, MERS, Ebola and other diseases, according the North Korean government. In addition to the biologically-based illnesses, the drug also treats ill-effects from the use of computers, the reclusive government in Pyongyang claims.

The Pugang Pharmaceutic Company in North Korea developed the vaccine, which consists of extracts from ginseng plants, mixed with some heavy metals.

"The Kumdang-2 injection, a strong immune activator, which is produced in DPRK, is very effective in curing diseases caused by malignant viruses such as SARS, Ebola and MERS," North Korean officials stated.

In a recent report, Pugang officials say researchers in North Korea have been studying the vaccine since 1989. Officials in the highly-secretive government have made claims before regarding the effectiveness of Kumdang-2.

"The researchers insert rare earth elements (REE) into insam (ginseng) by applying the micro-elementary fertilizers of REE to the fields of insam. Inside the herbal body of insam the REE had got combined with the saccharides into desired complex compounds," Pugang official stated in a press release.

The announcement, originally on the North Korean website Minjok Tongshin, would certainly be welcome news to doctors around the world, as well as their patients. However, the claim is likely to be met by a great deal of skepticism by health investigators in other nations.  

Kim Jong-Un, leader of the impoverished nation, is facing a real problem with MERS infections in his country. So far, 166 known cases have been reported in North Korea, and at least 24 people have died from the disease. This is the second-largest national total of any country in the world, behind only Saudi Arabia.

Pyongyang has taken serious measures in the past to alleviate the problems of infectious diseases. In an effort to stem the spread of Ebola in 2014, the country forbade foreign tourists from traveling to that nation for a period of four months. During the current MERS outbreak, the North Korean government tightened security and increased screenings at all border crossings, including airports.

Kumdang-2 is produced from ginseng grown in fertilizers containing heavy metal elements, as well as other materials, including gold and silver. The vaccine is provided the motto, "Everyone has the right to be healthy" by promoters of the purported near-panacea.

Despite their claims to have cured many of the world's most dangerous diseases with a single vaccine, North Korea is unable to treat many disorders, such as cataracts, that can be commonly cured in many other nations.

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