Amazon: Huge Black Friday Style 20th Anniversary Sale In July Rumored


The Internet is buzzing about a huge 20th anniversary sale rumored to be taking place on Amazon during the week of July 12. While no official confirmation from the company has been made, employees and mail service workers who have been informed in advance are posting about the upcoming sale.

It's been 20 years since Amazon first appeared on the web as an online bookstore. The company has now grown to be the Internet's top U.S. retailer and sells everything from electronics to groceries to digital music and video content. The company is now international and hosts separate websites for the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India and Mexico.

Online forums are buzzing about a huge celebration sale in the works in which the company will offer incredible discounts on many of the items it now sells on its website. The sale is expected to kick off on July 12 and may run for an entire week. The deals are rumored to be as significant as those offered annually for Black Friday.

An Internet posting about the event reads: "Hey friends. Friendly Amazonian here. The week of July 12th, Amazon is celebrating their 20th year of service! They're packing their warehouses to the brim this week and next week in anticipation of the sales they're going to have. I have no idea WHAT is going on sale......So, just a heads up! Hold off on pulling the trigger on something to see what they have in store. Cheers! :)"

Subsequently, other Amazon employees have posted about the sale as well, and mail delivery personnel chimed in stating that they have been told that that week will see a huge uptick in mail deliveries.

"I'm a mailman and we were told that packages will at least double from July 13-17," one posted.

Several individuals who sell as Amazon affiliates confirmed that they had received offers to participate in the sale. They claimed that Amazon would only consider their participation if the product they submitted was priced at least 20 percent less than the regular retail price.

This indicated there should be some great discounts available if the rumors are correct, and with the starting date only two weeks away, consumers might want to take the original poster's advice and wait until July 12 to make any online purchases.

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